Stairwell Evacuation Lighting for High Rise Buildings

FireSafetyPeople who can afford to live in lavish buildings often choose to locate themselves in high rise buildings. Usually, a high rise will overlook beautiful scenery, making the expense to live there well worth the price. High rise buildings are almost always large and tall buildings that include several floors for living space. For those of us looking for a very nice and lavish home that overlooks a park, ocean, or bay, something like this probably sounds like a dream come true. For the owners of high rise buildings, meaning the person who owns the actual building structure, that person(s) must take great care ensuring that the building is outfitted with the necessary safety equipment and products, should there be any reason why occupants would have to vacate the building. When designing the plan to install safety systems throughout a high rise building, one of the most important features of helpful evacuation equipment is stairwell evacuation lighting. As mentioned earlier, high rise buildings tend to be quite tall, meaning there is most likely several flights of stairs that must be traveled should occupants needs to evacuate the premises (keep in mind that in the event of an evacuation, people are forbidden to use the elevator as a means of evacuating a building). In addition, whatever event that is forcing people to evacuate the location may have also knocked out the power of the high rise building, which would make it much more difficult to evacuate by way of the stairs in complete darkness. However, this problem can be alleviated should a high rise building owner install stairwell evacuation lighting in the stairwell.

Stairwell evacuation lighting provided by GloBrite is designed with photoluminescent technology, meaning it does not require a direct power source, such as an electrical current from an outlet, in order to function as intended. Rather, it can absorb ambient light, store that light, turn it into its own energy source, and then use that energy to operate. The Stairwell evacuation lighting will then glow in the dark, no matter the circumstance, illuminating the pathway to safety down a stairwell during an evacuation. If you take a minute to consider how truly dangerous and frightening traveling down a dark stairwell can be for scared occupants trying to reach a minimum safe distance, then you may come to a realization that this proposed scenario could become truly catastrophic. However, high rise building owners need not concern themselves with these morbid scenarios if their stairwell is outfitted with stairwell evacuation lighting that will combat any scenario that would leave occupants trying to travel down numerous flights of stairs in the dark.

Our professionals at GloBrite can help you learn more about stairwell evacuation lighting, as well as explain how this wonderful safety tool can be implemented in your high rise building. Although the chance of a catastrophic event taking place that would cause the scenario proposed above is small, history shows that it is always a good idea to always be prepared for any type of situation or circumstance to unfold. Therefore, install stairwell evacuation lighting, and protect your high rise building occupants. Shop our store today!

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