Stair Safety Trends for Business – Keeping the Workplace Safe

stair safetyThough the following information may not surprise you, especially if you are a building owner or a business executive in charge of running a business in a large building structure, most accidents in the workplace happen around, on, and near stairs. It must be because stairs, steps, and stairwells are really the only place in an office where people really have to pay attention to their physical movement. Many of us in the workplace are so preoccupied with concern over business related issues that we fail to recognize when we should be paying attention to our own safety. Unfortunately, most other people are guilty of this lapse in attention to detail, and find themselves experiencing an accident. Even worse, accidents on stairs can be very serious, and cause someone to become critically injured. Therefore, whether it is the fault of the person traveling up and down stairs, or unforeseeable circumstances that caused an accident, such as a slippery substance found on the steps, a business would be smart to implement the most recent in stair safety trends that will work toward keeping the workplace safe.

One of these stair safety trends, which has become quite popular and very much recommended by those who have already utilize its benefits, involves the implementation of tapes, such as grip tape, safety tapes, and photoluminescent tapes. The following information will provide a more detailed explanation involving these three types of tape.

Grip Tape: Grip tape is a type of protective tape that adheres to steps and to handle rails that provide improved grip, traction, and friction, which make for better footing and the ability to hold onto rails without your hand slipping off the rail. The friction and traction provided by grip tape helps your feet stabilize themselves, especially when the steps, stairwell, or floor around the steps are wet or are being cleaned with a substance that induces slippage.

Safety Tape: Safety tape can alarm a person, with the use of bright colors and large, easy to read letters that spell out potential danger, of an issue or problem with stairs or a stairwell, should there be one that places the traveler in some manner of danger. In addition, some steps and stairwells are steep, small, thin, or unconventional in some way that would cause a person to awkwardly position himself or herself in such a way that could incite an accident. With safety tape, people can be made aware of these issues right away before traveling up and down a stairway.

Photoluminescent Tape: Also known as “glow in the dark” tape, photoluminescent tape illuminates steps, stairwells, and passageways in locations that are abnormally dark or are in some manner visually impeded by an object. Glow in the dark tape will make these steps much easier to see and recognize, effectively minimizing accidents involved where people simply could not see the steps in front of them due to darkness or some other visual impediment.

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