Triathlon Sponsorship Trifecta

triathlon-graphicsCompeting in a triathlon is no simple matter. It takes months of training devoted not just to one event, but three. People who are able to run, swim, and cycle to the finish line are high-energy, motivated, discerning individuals. They are precisely the market that every mid- to high-end business is after, which is why smart brands invest in triathlon sponsorship deals.

In order to make your triathlon sponsorship as effective as possible, consider investing in the triathlon trifecta: race path marking, wayfinding, and the finish line.

Race Path Markings
The great thing about investing in triathlon graphics is that you can have your brand name in front of every participant for quite literally miles and miles. The most effective graphics will be those that catch the eye of participants. As they run or cycle along, triathletes are unlikely to look at the scenery surrounding them. Instead, they’re most likely to have their eye on the race path. You can help them out and promote your brand at the same time by using durable outdoor floor graphics to keep them on the right path and even entertain racers along the way.

Consider printing motivational quotes, distance markings, or humorous images that utilize your company mascot in order to motivate and entertain race participants.

Outside of the race itself, there are always thousands of people in the audience cheering on their loved ones. You can make a connection with these people by utilizing floor and wall graphics that provide wayfinding. Consider laying down a map of the race path that audience members can take pictures of, interact with, and learn from. At intersections you can also lay down simple markers pointing toward the finish line, the closest restrooms, and other nearby amenities.

The Finish Line
Providing the finish line for a triathlon is one of the best ways to generate exposure for your brand and create a positive relationship with your community. The finish line is the most photographed location at any triathlon, so if your name is printed on that line, you’ll not only be seen by everyone on race day but also by every person who sees the finish line photos of their friends on social media. Needless to say, the potential impact of durable, well-printed triathlon graphics at the finish line are immeasurable.

If you’re thinking about using triathlon graphics, reserve your free sample pack of Asphalt Art and see first-hand how slip-resistant, pedestrian friendly, and visually appealing our print media really is.

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