Stadium Wall Graphics are Great for Sports Event Sponsorship

Think about all of the empty wall space inside of stadiums and arenas. Stadiums are filled with tens of thousands of people multiple times a week, all of whom share similar interests. The advertising space practically sells itself, but only if potential sponsors understand just how effective stadium wall spaces can be at advertising their products. Fortunately, with versatile and cost-effective print mediums like Asphalt Art, stadium wall graphics can be printed in virtually any size or shape to create images that are both eye-catching and interactive, which is exactly what sponsors are looking for.

A more versatile solution than stadium wallpaper, Asphalt Art is a foil-based printing medium that can adhere to a wide variety of floor and wall surfaces and be left in place for days, months, or even years under the right circumstances. With a removal process that is as simple as “peel and throw away,” stadium wall graphics can be used to reinvigorate spaces, draw attention to sponsors, brand your team, or provide wayfinding for spectators. Consider just a few of the ways that sponsors could use stadium wall graphics in your sports venue:

  • A sponsor could print a life-size photo of your team’s most popular players. Spectators would then be able to take photos against the wall and look as though they’re standing right next to their heroes.
  • Likewise, a sponsor could print a wall size photo of a great moment in sports history, thereby allowing spectators to insert themselves into that moment. This creates an opportunity for sports fans to engage with brands as well as your team, promoting both even further through sharing on social media.
  • Sponsors can create ads that defy expectations by extending onto the floor or ceiling and even seeming to pop out of the ground with carefully executed optical illusions.
  • Sponsors could also create entertaining experiences of their brand by using wall graphics that play with the space or support the team in fun ways.
  • A sponsor could also take the more traditional route of providing historical information about the stadium or the team itself, perhaps highlighting an individual who made a significant impact in sports history.
  • Sponsors could also provide information with regard to wayfinding, creating a positive experience of their brand simply by pointing desperate fans to the closest restroom.

Show your sponsors the various ways that they can make use of your stadium wall space by requesting a free sample pack of Asphalt Art from Jessup Manufacturing Company!

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