Product Highlight – SportWalk

sportwalkHere at Jessup Manufacturing, our Asphalt Art line of floor and wall print media has been customized to virtually every possible use. This week, we’d like to focus in on SportWalk, our one-step solution for short-term outdoor event graphics.

SportWalk has been growing in popularity over recent years as more and more concert, fair, and outdoor sporting event sponsors have realized just how effective floor graphics can be at drawing eyes and building a more positive impression of their brand.

How and When to Use SportWalk
We designed SportWalk as the ideal print medium for slip resistant floor graphics at outdoor events. Applying SportWalk takes only a matter of minutes, and no lamination is required for images printed on this material. Application is as simple as peel, stick, and smooth. Just make sure the surfaces you’re applying SportWalk to are clean and dry before you lay your graphic down. SportWalk is ideal for use on smooth concrete services like roads, parking lots, and sidewalks.

SportWalk has been used in such outdoor venues as local art exhibitions, marathons, auto races, roadshows, concerts, and for street markings. It is intended for short-term use — typically a few days to a week — but under the right circumstances, SportWalk can maintain its color and stick for a few months.

The Many Benefits of SportWalk
SportWalk has a number of great benefits, not the least of which is that you can print slip resistant floor graphics on this material. Even in rainy or wet conditions, SportWalk will maintain its slip resistance due to its textured surface and waterproof adhesive. SportWalk can also be cut to virtually any shape and printed as large as you like. Images printed on SportWalk are vibrant and clear, and the fact that SportWalk is abrasion and chemical resistant helps your images stay that way. SportWalk doesn’t require any lamination, and it is simple to apply. Removing SportWalk is just as easy: simply peel and throw away.

Learn more about how you can use SportWalk at your next outdoor event by contacting Jessup Manufacturing, the makers of Asphalt Art, today.


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