Making Sportwalk Work for your Next Outdoor Events

sportwalk graphicsAsphalt Art, USA specializes in developing the necessary materials and components to provide businesses needing promotional designs a floor and ground graphic called SportWalk. The SportWalk floor and ground graphic is a promotional graphic design solution for outdoor event that will only last a short period. SportWalk is ideal for outside events such that draw a large crowd, such as sporting events. Using SportWalk at a sporting event will enable your business to advertise intriguing brands and products to athletes at professional sporting games, marathons, mud runs, college sporting events, et cetera. SportWalk floor and ground graphics are also beneficial for outside non sporting events, such as parades, concerts, trade shows, farmers markets, et cetera. One of the unique aspects of SportWalk floor and ground graphics is even though you will be using the advertising graphic design outside, which means it will be exposed to outside weather conditions, the design does not require any lamination in order to protect it from harsh conditions. All the client implementing the floor and ground graphic has to do is peel and stick the SportWalk graphic design to a smooth, clean, and dry surface.

SportWalk floor and ground graphic can totally withstand pedestrian and vehicular traffic. In addition, even if wet conditions arise during your outdoor event, the SportWalk advertising image will maintain its non-slip properties, no matter how wet the graphic becomes. You see, the SportWalk floor and ground graphic is developed with a slip resistant textured surface and waterproof adhesive, making it impervious to rain and liquid spills. Floor and ground graphic images are able to adhere to almost any type of outdoor surface. Having stated that in this blog, please keep in mind that SportWalk advertising mages are most ideal for smooth concrete surfaces, such as roads and sidewalks.

The following will list the most optimum SportWalk features and benefits:

  • Extremely secure – will completely adhere itself to most outdoor surfaces.
  • Slip-resistant ­– does not succumb to harsh weather conditions, such as heavy rains; and will not become slippery due to liquid spills from patrons.
  • Can be cut to take any shape – customers should feel free customize the size and shape of the design to fit any need, depending on where you are placing the graphic image.
  • Abrasion resistant – no need for you to worry about foot and vehicular traffic, as SportWalk is designed to withstand these types of abrasive issues without giving in to any affect that could smear or fade the image.
  • Chemical resistance ­– similar to its water resistance, SportWalk floor and ground graphics can withstand chemical solvents, even if the chemical compounds that make up the solvent are corrosive in nature.
  • Antibacterial surface – Parents need not worry about their kids touching the floor and ground graphic, because its antibacterial surface rids it of any bacteria that could pose a threat to people.
  • No lamination required – The materials used to develop the SportWalk graphic image is so specialized that it does not require lamination for enhanced protection. Only Asphalt Art, USA can create the necessary materials and components that are already infused with augmented protection.

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