Why your Office Needs Solar Powered Exit Signs

sustainable exit sign supplierIf you office is still using exit signs that are requiring a direct source of energy or power from an outlet or another type of connection, you are probably in the dark regarding all the advantages to changing to solar powered exit signs. In fact, as it stands now, there is not a single advantage to staying with exit signs that need to be connected to a power source in order to operate and function as intended. In addition, it will probably anger you to know that, all this time, you could have been saving your company a serious amount of money if you had switched to solar powered exit signs a long time ago. Moreover, what might compound your frustration is that solar powered exit signs is not a gimmick, as some might think. As a matter of fact, regulatory agencies that have tested solar power exit signs against traditional, hook up exit signs give the nod to the solar powered products every time, and in every tested category.

Relax, as it is never too late to make the transition to a superior product. Instead of worrying about the money you could have been saving, you can simply make the change now and smile thinking about all the money you will save in the future, not to mention your office will be better protected should you have a reason to evacuate. The following will provide a few great reasons why your office needs solar power exit signs right away.

More efficient evacuation product. As mentioned in the previous paragraph, regulatory agencies have tested solar powered exit signs against competing products, and solar powered products win every time. Solar powered exit signs are more durable, more reliable, much less likely to need repairs, will never burn out, longer lasting, and require less maintenance. And yes, there is evidence to back the statements made in this blog. Simply contact GloBrite Systems, and a representative will be happy to present the evidence.

The most cost effective. Solar powered exit signs are not hooked up to any power source. Rather, its stores energy emitted from ambient light and effectively uses that absorbed energy as its own, allowing it to shine bright and glow in the dark. This directly affects your bottom line and overhead, because your energy and power bills will be significantly reduced once you install solar powered exit signs.

Eco friendly, green alternative. The materials used to create solar powered exit signs are eco friendly. Because these exit signs are solar powered, it does not consume energy, making it a green alternative egress product. Most important the components used to build solar powered exit signs are safe for people to be around, and safe for the environment.

For more reasons why your office needs solar powered exit signs, a GloBrite Systems professional will be happy to explain even more benefits to switching to this superior type of egress marker.

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