Solar Powered Exit Signs – Leave the Electricity Behind

Good news for building owners and businesses footing the bill for the energy utilities at your company’s office location – exit signs are saying goodbye to excess energy consumption by cutting the power cord and opting for solar power technology. Eco conscious industrial business, one of which is named GloBrite Systems (with which you should be familiar by now) have devised an eco friendly, green alternative to plug-in exit signs that rely on a direct current of energy in order to operate. Instead of consuming an abundance of electricity – the cost of which continues to skyrocket on an annual basis, so it seems – exit signs can now use solar power and / or ambient light to charge up and store energy, then sustain itself during countless hours od dark periods. Solar powered exit signs allow all buildings and office locations to leave the electricity behind and effectively cut an exorbitant amount of energy costs from overhead.

These solar powered exit signs, especially those provided by GloBrite Systems, are non-radioactive, photoluminescent technology laced safety exit signage that can absorb and store ambient light. When darkness occurs in an area, whether due to natural reasons or because of an emergency, solar powered exit signs immediately become visible for occupants to see, no matter the circumstance, effectively allowing for safe evacuation. Solar power exit signs infused with photoluminescent technology have been thoroughly tested by regulatory agencies, and have proven to last a whopping twenty-five years years with little to no zero maintenance, making this solar power option even more low energy and cost effective. Moreover, solar powered exit signs helps purveyors of eco friendly, green alternative egress products come closer to becoming LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified, which is a rating systems pertaining to the design, construction, operation and maintenance of buildings and homes utilizing green technology.

As an example of the type of cost savings a business or building owner can expect if switching to solar power exit signs (this is an estimate), a building were to replace one hundred incandescent exit signs with one hundred solar power exit signs, the establishment can expect to save close to five thousand dollars in annual utility costs. Imagine what the savings can be for large structures that use a heck of a lot more than one hundred incandescent exit signs.

For more information on solar powered exit sings, and how your business can begin to leave electricity behind for its egress signage for good, contact GloBrite Systems. The professionals at GloBrite Systems have the know how to help you transition to solar powered exit signs from energy consuming, inferior egress products. A GloBrite Agent is standing by; ready to help you make the switch today.

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