Solar Powered Exit Signs for Wet & Dry Locations

solar powered exit signsThe idea of implementing your location with solar powered exit signs in order to take advantage of its benefits, which include a reduction in overhead cost and the use of a more reliable and eco friendly egress marker, probably sounds like something of which you should take advantage. After all, solar powered exit signs, infused with photoluminescent technology, are, according to several regulating departments, including the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the best hazard preventive method available. However, what if the solar powered exit signs you need are going to be exposed to wet and dry forces. What should you do? Luckily, photoluminescent solar powered exit signs are built for both wet and dry locations, meaning you will be covered no matter where you wish to put your egress markers.

Solar Powered Exit Signs created with photoluminescent technology have been built with eco friendly materials that can withstand the driest, warmest temperatures, and can also withstand exorbitantly long rainfalls. In addition, one of the best benefits of having photoluminescent solar powered exit signs is that visibility will not be lost in extreme heat, or during heavy rainfalls. The photoluminescent glow in the dark technology will glow bright, no matter the circumstance, and it is guaranteed you will be able to make out the egress marker under either situation. If you feel as though you might feel more comfortable adding a laminate or film to the solar powered exit signs, especially if your location is an abnormally wet one, photoluminescent film is available to boost the visual emitted by the glow in the dark sign.

If you still have reservations about solar powered exit signs ability to provide maximum efficiency during inclement weather, there is plenty of research and analysis documentation available provided by regulatory committees commissioned to ensure that optimum safety measures are instilled and adhered to by all buildings and businesses. These same regulatory committees rate solar powered exit signs that have photoluminescence the best product on the market for optimal safety measures in the event of an evacuation.

It is also recommended that you consult with GloBrite Systems – a provider of photoluminescent egress systems for years. GloBrite will also be able to give you plenty of literature as to why they, along with almost every regulatory committee in the United States, recommend photoluminescent glow in the dark products. In fact, these solar powered exit signs are so advantageous that many of the federal oversight organizations are making the use of photoluminescent mandatory in several states, with more to follow. You no longer have to worry about that area you have that is exposed to severe weather conditions that can change from wet to dry day to day. Simply install photoluminescent solar power exit signs in that location, and rest easy knowing that area is fortified with maximum protection should anything happen that requires people to exit the premises.

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