Replacing Tritium Exit Signs with Solar Powered Signage

Tritium is the only radioactive isotope of hydrogen. Radioactive tritium decays by emitting a beta particle to produce helium-3. Natural and artificial processes generate tritium, which includes solar radiation in the atmosphere, nuclear reactors, and a fission product from nuclear weapon detonations. Tritium is used in fission, nuclear, as well as thermonuclear weapons to increase the yield of explosive force. The exporting of tritium is controlled by government agencies to prevent rogue states and terrorists from collecting enough material to aid the development and proliferation of nuclear weapons. Recently, owners and managers of facilities using Tritium exit signs have been mandated to account for the signs currently in use, along with those exit signs previously removed from service. It appears large numbers of Tritium exit signs have been improperly disposed, forcing government regulatory agencies to begin imposing severe penalties.

If the above does not make building owners want to replace Tritium exit signs with solar powered signage, nothing will. Below will list additional reasons why replacing Tritium exit signs with solar powered signage is the right call.

Environmental Improvement: Electrical exit signs encourage carbon emission by requiring constant utility power. Conversely, solar powered signage is electricity-free, and doe not promote carbon emission. Tritium exit signs, due to its containment of radioactive tritium, are not eco friendly.

Lower annual utility and maintenance costs: Implementing solar powered signage can have a significant impact on annual utility cost. Research shows that replacing Tritium exit signs with solar powered signage can save thousands of dollars a year in energy costs. Replacing Tritium exit sings with solar powered signage will yield significant savings. In addition, solar powered signage is maintenance-free, but Tritium exit signs require maintenance. The ten-year maintenance costs for Tritium exit signs have shown to be significant compared to solar powered signage.

Improved exit sign dependability: Tritium exit signs are vulnerable to falling debris, explosions, and structural shock. During an emergency evacuation, just one failed exit sign could lead to injury or death. Solar powered signage does not have breakable parts, functions in power outages, & is highly visible in dark, smoky areas,  making it the optimal choice for evacuation safety.

GloBrite Systems is ready to help you replace Tritium exit signs with solar powered signage. If you still use Tritium technology, do not hesitate any longer and make the switch to solar powered signage. A GloBrite professional is ready to help you make a change for the betterment of you building’s safety needs.

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