Protecting the Environment with Solar Powered Exit Signage

This blog will help you understand and debunk myths concerning solar powered exit signage. When people hear the term solar powered, they immediately assume that any product or device that claims to be solar powered will only work when the sun is out. They often apply this false assumption to solar powered exit signage, worrying that, because the egress markers are “solar powered,” the product cannot possibly function with success for an entire night. Therefore, it is time to educate people on how truly effective solar powered exit signage is for providing efficient and reliable exit sign marking, as well as how solar powered exit signage protects the environment.

Photoluminescent technology is a form of solar powered exit signage. How it works is simple – the emergency signage stores the energy emitted from ambient light and uses that energy to glow bright throughout the evening and night. If the logic or reliability of this idea seems questionable, then trust the numerous tests performed on various exit sign products, and notice the outcome favors photoluminescent technology and solar powered exit signage. In fact, photoluminescent technology and solar powered exit signage have proven to be so successful and advantageous that regulatory companies such as OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) are adding them to their egress standards making it use mandatory in several states, with more to follow.

Part of the advantage to using solar powered exit signage involves protecting the environment. Traditional exit sign products were made with materials that were not biodegradable, and emitted harmful and noxious vapor into the air. Solar powered exit signage are made with eco friendly materials that are last much longer than traditional products, do not consume energy or valuable resources, and when it is time to dispose of the material, are biodegradable.

Along with being eco friendly, solar powered egress signs and markings can save companies money in energy costs, bulb replacement, battery changes and any other maintenance issues that arise with traditional exit signs and egress systems. If saving the environment is not your only motivation, then saving time and money will surely convince you of the value that photoluminescent exit signs and egress systems deliver.

If you are looking to reduce your energy costs then GloBrite System Inc. can assist you with transitioning to solar powered exit signage. In addition, if you are still unsure about solar powered exit signage, the GloBrite professionals are happy to provide you all the information and fact testing regarding the green alternative emergency sign products. GloBrite urges you to start protecting the environment with solar powered exit signage, and to start benefitting from the markedly better advantages received through the utilization of solar powered egress systems.

Check out our solar powered egress signs in action below.


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