Maintain Proper Building Codes with Solar Powered Exit Signs

If you are a building owner and have a building, no matter the size or location, and have viewed the proper building codes for your structure, it is likely you felt overwhelmed with the myriad guidelines that must be followed. Even though maintaining proper building codes seems like a hassle and perhaps a bit of overkill, it is likely most building owners understand the reason for strict guidelines and adherence to those guidelines ever since the United States has dealt with, and had to prepare for unforeseen events, such as terrorist attacks. The truth is, strict and numerous building codes would not have been established if they had not shown to save lives, which, when an unfortunate event unfolds forcing people to evacuate a building, saving lives is the only thing that matters. The best way to maintain proper building codes without having to concern yourself with drastic measures and overhauls is to implement solar powered exit signs throughout your building.

Top rated solar powered exit signs can be found in photoluminescent technology – an ecofriendly, green globrite1alternative egress marker that will glow in the dark for countless hours, during any type of serious circumstance that causes people to evacuate the premises. The way solar powered exit signs work is simple: when using photoluminescent exit signs, the signage absorbs the ambient light, then stores that as energy to be used for glowing in the dark, effectively illuminating an entire hallway, room, or corridor, for countless hours. In addition, photoluminescent solar powered exit signs have been tested in a number of different scenarios, including terrible weather conditions and fire, and they have proven the most durable and longest lasting of any exit signs you can implement in your building.

Another wonderful benefit is, since you do not have to plug in solar powered exit signs, or even change out batteries or worry about applying a direct current for energy, you save a lot of money by not having to hook up or connect a power source to your egress markers.  If you need more motivation to consider making a change to solar powered exit signs, you can read information from federal regulatory committees such as the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Both organizations are makers and enforcers of maintaining proper building codes, and highly recommend the use of solar powered exit signs from photoluminescent materials.

The hassle of maintaining proper building codes can be mitigated through the incorporation of solar powered exit signs. GloBrite Systems is a purveyor of photoluminescent technology, and one of their professionals can aid in making the switch to the top rated solar powered exit signs, which will protect the occupants of your building, and ensure they all reach safety if there is ever a situation that calls for their immediate evacuation of your building.

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