How Can You Save Energy with Exit Signs?

Once upon a time, most exit signs traditionally functioned using incandescent lighting. For those of you who might not be familiar with incandescent lighting, incandescence is the emission of light from a body that has been heated by an acting force raising its temperature. As it pertains to exit signs, think light bulbs. Light bulbs are a type of electric light, meaning it relies on electricity to function. Consequently, it also means that to work, it needs a direct energy source, such as an electric current in order to operate. While almost everybody in the United States depends on incandescent light in some manner and to some degree, and admitting that incandescent lighting for exit signs, though flawed, proved satisfactory in most cases, what it does mean is that a constant electric current and energy flow is needed at all times in order to operate. Unfortunately, this also means increased cost, maintenance, overhead, problems, and a decrease in reliability, life, and efficiency.

Because of the drastic increase in the cost of living and operating a business, almost everyone is looking for a way to decrease cost. When it comes to exit signs in a building as a means of egress, if you are still using incandescent lights for exit sign functionality, there is a way you can start saving energy with exit signs.

How can you save energy with exit signs? Actually, it is much easier than you would think, because the energy saving technology is already available, and it is easy to install and much simpler to operate. It is called photoluminescent technology, and you can think of it as solar powered energy. How it works is quite simple, as the photoluminescent technology absorbs and stores the energy emitted from ambient, or surrounding light. Concerning exit signs, it then uses that stored energy to make the sign glow and remain bright. One of the many advantages to solar powered exit signs is that they do not need a direct current of electricity coming from a utility source, meaning your energy bill for operating and maintaining exit signs throughout your building will significantly decrease.

For more information on how you can begin saving energy with exit signs, you should contact GloBrite Systems. GloBrite has been helping building owners transition to new technology for exit signs, such as photoluminescent technology, to improve their building’s safety, to incorporate a green alternative, and to save money by reducing energy consumption. Contact a GloBrite professional soon, so you can start saving energy with your new and improved exit signs.

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