Energy Saving Exit Signs Deliver Energy Efficiency for Businesses

We now live in a country where more people are recognizing and stressing the importance of organizations taking measures to reduce their company’s carbon footprint and to find (especially concerning industrial businesses) eco friendly and green alternatives to operate you business with efficiency. One of the many concerns that have strengthened the push for green alternatives is the exorbitant energy consumption conducted by most businesses. Concerned citizens and regulatory committees such as the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) are worried about businesses, especially larger corporations consuming too much energy, being wasteful with energy use and the exhausting of resources. One area that has been stringently focused on is egress markers and exit signage, as every building is required to have them installed to ensure building safety.

The reason for the call to change the type of exit signs used is because older products, especially incandescent lighting and tritium technology, are considered large energy consumers (incandescent) and hazardous to the environment and to people who come into contact with the materials (tritium). As it pertains to finding methods of saving energy by replacing older model exit signs with innovative technology, there is not a better product available than photoluminescent materials. Photoluminescent technology can best be described as having solar power functionality, meaning it absorbs and stores ambient light, and then utilizes that energy to radiate and become visible in dark even smoky areas. Photoluminescent exit signs require zero supplied energy (no batteries, electrical outlets, or generator power) and are self-sustainable. Therefore, a building owner can drastically reduce his or her energy consumption, because photoluminescence is storing natural energy from its surroundings, and in turn, building owners are reducing their carbon footprint.

For more information on energy saving exit signs, including photoluminescent exit signs, contact GloBrite Systems. GloBrite has been assisting building owners with transitioning to energy saving exit signs for well over a decade. A GloBrite professional can provide you all the information you need on energy saving exit signs, and help you make an easy switch, so you can start saving money now.

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