A Soft Drink Marketing Idea to Combat the Soda Slump

floor7Currently, a battle is raging in the United States against soft drinks, soda makers, and proprietors of these types of beverages, as the United Sates Government, along with the American people, are blaming the sugar contained in sodas and soft drinks as the reason for the morbidly high obesity rate in this country. Sodas are one of the most monumentally accused perpetrators of America’s growing obesity rate at present, despite the fact that there are numerous other beverage makers (fruit juices, energy drinks, alcoholic beverages) and food groups (candy, desserts, and high caloric foods) that cause obesity. If the American citizens, and even the U.S. government understood the real issues behind weight gain – excessive eating, consciously refusing to eat healthy, lack of exercise, not drinking enough water – they would understand that consuming food and beverage products in moderation – including sodas – and not overindulging, is truly the best method of preventing excessive weight gain.

Even still, soft drinks and sodas have unfortunately become one of the easiest targets of causing obesity, and many people believe it. Over the last several years, soda sales have significantly decreased, because of their status as one of the main culprits of weight gain, especially in children. To combat the problem of being insinuated as a ‘bad guy’ in the beverage industry, soda companies need to alter their marketing campaigns in an effort to inform people that drinking sodas in moderation is not harmful, despite the current belief that any soft drink consumption is bad. One helpful solution involves using revolutionary marketing ideas to combat the soda slump, one of which is implementing floor and ground graphic designs as a marketing tool.

The time has come for soft drink companies to utterly modify its marketing tactics. All businesses involved in the soda making industry need to delve into floor and ground graphics as a method to change public opinion, as well as to enhance advertising schemes and improve product awareness. Floor and ground graphics have proven to work for other businesses in the beverage making industry, including craft beer distilleries. With its vibrant and realistic imagery and depiction, floor and ground graphic art can bring back the excitement and entertainment that was once associated with soda advertising.

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