Slip Resistant Tapes: An Easy Building Safety Solution

slip-resistant-tapesIf you own a commercial, manufacturing, office, or alternative structure, it is a primary responsibility to take the necessary actions to prevent slips or falls. These accidents are a leading cause of serious injuries within and outside of a structure. While some result from an individual’s carelessness, many are actually the fault of poor safety measures within a building. Slip resistant tapes deliver a simple, low cost solution for reducing the risk of a serious accident.

What Are Slip Resistant Tapes?
Slip resistant tapes come in a variety of colors and grades to provide exactly what you need for improved safety. Some are designed for commercial use while others are heavier duty to counteract common dangers of industrial environments. Alternative choices have glow-in-the-dark qualities to provide egress safety assistance on stairs or landing areas during evacuation procedures.

The tapes have a gritty material on one side that delivers the required traction for slick shoes or surfaces in a number of conditions. On the backside of the tape is a dependable adhesion material for proper, durable application. Slip resistant tapes (or treads) take only minutes to apply and can save you a large sum of money. These precautionary products are designed to provide an additional gripping surface in locations where accidents commonly result from:

  • Wet Floors
  • Oily Surfaces
  • Unexpected Spills
  • Outside Weather
  • Uneven Surfaces
  • Floor Transitions

In these locations, it is easy for an individual to slip or lose their balance thus resulting in a dangerous fall. The consequence of these incidents is often medical expenses, legal complications, and prolonged time off work. Slip resistant tapes offer an easy-to-apply solution to the problem. They are one of the most cost effective approaches to improving building safety.

Where Should They Be Installed?
Slip resistant tapes are applicable in just about any area of a structure because they may be installed on countless types of surfaces. They are designed to withstand intense traffic, chemical spills, consistent moisture, and more. The tapes come in a roll for customized sizing and may be applied in minutes. For most buildings, the easiest place to start will be high traffic locations such as stairs, floor transitions, ramps, or walkways. Start by applying the tape to each stair, around the landing area, and in even strips on inclined surfaces. Additional spaces to consider include:

  • Entrances
  • Ladders
  • Docking Areas
  • Around Machinery
  • Outside Steps
  • Stairwells
  • Food Preparation Spaces
  • Bathrooms or Break Rooms

These locations are prone to becoming wet or oily, which makes them a common location for dangerous falls. If your building or workers use catwalks, this is another great area to install slip resistant tapes, as one fall could be fatal. Slip resistant tapes offer benefits such as easy inside or outside application, durability, low cost, and several purchasing choices.

Whether you need to fortify an area of an apartment, care facility, or an entire structure, slip resistant tapes offer a fast, affordable option in any area. At Jessup MFG, we offer an extensive variety of slip resistant tapes and are also able to develop customized solutions for your buildings. Contact us today to learn about our broad line of product options.

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