Slip Resistant Floor Adhesives – Making Buildings Safer

JessupStairTapeProbably every building owner would tell you that the most common type of accident that happens in a building involves people slipping and falling, whether it is in a stairwell or hallway. Anyone reading this might think this is no big deal, but in fact, more lawsuits stem from people accidentally slipping and falling, but they wind up seriously hurting themselves and want to hold the building’s proprietor responsible. Many of these lawsuits come from casual strolling through a building, so you can imagine how many slip and fall accidents might happen during an evacuation procedure.

Slips and falls happening during an evacuation procedure can be much more ominous, as someone falling to the ground could trip others who are rushing to flee the building, which could result in a downward spiral of mass injuries and the prevention of people safely exiting the building. To significantly reduce or prevent any chance of accidental slips and falls from occurring, building owners should consider purchasing and installing slip resistant floor adhesives throughout their building. Slip resistant floor adhesives provide a deterrent from slipping and falling down stairwells, or on floors when it is wet or slippery from being cleaned.

While all building owners want to create the safest environment possible for their occupants, often they just don’t have the expertise to know how and where to install slip resistant adhesives. This is where Jessup Manufacturing can share the wealth of knowledge they have amassed through the year.  Jessup Manufacturing has been helping building owners and office managers install slip resistant floor adhesives long enough to provide expert advice on where and how adhesives are best utilized to stay within building owners budgets while providing the best safety possible. Because of how common slips and falls occur in buildings, and because most slip resistant floor adhesives have proven to reduce the frequency of falling accidents, Jessup strongly recommends that all buildings be equipped with it. Jessup will help you find the best slip resistant floor adhesive for your building.

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