Sidewalk Sticker Advertising Pushes Clients Through the Door

wayfinding11An abundance of stores are located at outdoor outlet malls, where all different kinds of stores are adjacent to one another, with a walkway that connects these stores, allowing a visitor to walk by all of the stores without having to leave the walkway. Essentially, the walkways found at these kinds of malls serve as a guiding path that leads visitors by every single store at the location. What the storeowners should look into is using sidewalk sticker advertising as a means to advertise their business along with walkway, therefore building momentum, curiosity, and excitement as the visitor approaches the store. This is an excellent way to take advantage of the heavy foot traffic produced from the attraction of all the shops at the location. Shoppers who go to outlet malls do so prepared to spend most of the day exploring all of the shops, which usually ends up being an entire day of shopping. Storeowners and managers should view this willingness to spend an entire day walking from store to store as an excellent way to take advantage of all of the foot traffic, and promote their store through sidewalk sticker advertising, which will push potential clients through your door.

Throughout the day, plenty of people will be walking by your store, therefore, the key is to create a method of enticement, and so these people will want to come into your store. The best way to make this happen is to place sidewalk sticker advertising graphics right under their feet as they walk closer toward your location. Sidewalk sticker advertising serves to be quite advantageous for those who use it because it provides store recognition, alerting people walking by that your store is nearby. In addition, sidewalk sticker advertising conveys an idea and sentiment that can entice an onlooker to visit your store and look around. Sidewalk sticker advertising can leave a lasting impression on people who view the graphic image, thereby pushing potentially new clients through your door and spending their money with you, and not your competitors that might be only a few doors down. Finally, sidewalk sticker advertising can act as a beacon to lead someone to your store. With the myriad distraction present at outlet malls, it is possible that someone could walk right by your store and miss it. It is also possible that someone’s favorite shops are in close proximity to one another, and that person might not travel to the other side of the outlet mall, where your store is located. By strategically placing sidewalk sticker graphic images in a distant location, it may be enough to entice the viewer to travel some distance to your location, and possibly pushing new, and hopefully soon to be repeat clients, through your door.

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