Sidewalk Sticker Advertising for Shops & Restaurants

wayfinding6A lot of restaurants can be found at strip malls and around locations that have several stores adjacent to one another, along a long path or walkway allowing the casual visitor to walk form store to store. A lot of restaurant owners choose these types of places to locate their store due the heavy foot traffic already produce from the attraction of all the shops in the close location. A perfect example of this idea is an outlet mall, where many top name brand stores will have a factory store where its products and items are discounted. Outlet malls attract a lot of shoppers because they can purchase top name brands at low prices. Because many of these shoppers will spend most of the day exploring from shop to shop, they usually make an entire day of it and plan to eat at the nearest attractive food spot. A restaurant owner should see this as a great way to take advantage of heavy foot traffic where the demand for food is already established. However, if you are not the only restaurant owner in the area, and there are multiple restaurants from which to choose, how do you plan to differentiate your self from the competition? This concept also applies to shops in these locations, as there are many different clothing stores form which to choose, so why will someone want to choose yours at which to shop and spend their money?

An excellent way to take advantage of all the people that will surely be walking around these strip malls and outlets is to place sidewalk sticker advertising graphic literally right under their feet. Sidewalk sticker advertising serves a few excellent benefits for shops and businesses who choose to use this unique advertising method: first, it provides brand recognition, alerting people walking by that your shop or business is right around the corner. Second, it advertises, or conveys a quick idea or sentiment you wish to leave with the person viewing the sidewalk sticker. If designed correctly, it will leave a lasting impression that will make that person want to go to your place of business instead of your competitors. Third, it can serve as a beacon to lead someone straight to your door. If you happen to be on the other side of the strip mall or outlet, strategically place a couple of interesting and breathtaking sidewalk stickers that entice the viewer to follow them to your location.

As you can see, several benefits exist for restaurants and shops to utilize sidewalk sticker advertising. Now, all you have to do is find the right purveyor of sidewalk sticker graphics. Here is your answer: Asphalt Art USA. The unique plyability of Asphalt Art  allows you to create  the most aesthetically pleasing sidewalk sticker images you will ever see, and these graphic images are guaranteed to grab the attention of everyone who sees the images, which will surely lead to additional foot traffic to your shop or store. Reach out to Asphalt Art USA, and start working your way toward a sidewalk sticker advertising campaign that will boost the frequency of people coming into your restaurant, shop, or store.

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