Sidewalk Decals Offer Unique Advertising Opportunity

There has been a recent explosion in popularity involving sidewalk decals and other types of outdoor graphic print materials. Many companies, especially those holding outdoor events and social gatherings, are drawn to the use of sidewalk decals in order to promote an image, brand, or theme during their scheduled event. What is the allure to using sidewalk decals and other cool outside graphic art? Sidewalk decals and print graphics of the like offer marketing agencies unique advertising opportunities to increase the brand recognition of a client, or even their own. If you have ever seen a sidewalk decal graphic, it is a good bet that you were impressed by the image, and how an art form such as this could look so good on such a difficult medium. image006

Marketers and advertising agencies have taken note of the skilled artistry involved in creating graphic print images, as well as the population’s interest and intrigue in the art form, as seen with the boom in the popularity of graffiti art, which is considered a close relative to outdoor print graphic art. Today, there is nothing else that can compare to the uncanny ability to place an incredible piece of art that was designed and printed digitally onto a difficult medium, such as rock, stone, pavement, asphalt, cement, and brick. The aesthetic of sidewalk decals is very impressive, which makes the rapid growth in popularity understandable.

In Savannah, Georgia, the downtown area holds an annual Sidewalk Arts Festival that is hosted by the Savannah College of Art and Design, which is a popular arts college in the south. Thousands of people visit the downtown area to walk over to Forsyth Park, where the festival is held. People are nonplussed by the art and imagery on display, often in awe and amazement that something so beautiful and so detailed can be placed on such a hard, rough, and complicated surface. This same measure of awe and excitement manifests when people witness the brilliant artwork and design of sidewalk decals.

Capitalizing on such a unique location, advertisers now have a whole new canvas to reach their audience. Using sidewalk art, advertisers have a fun and clever way to post their message, either of branding, upcoming events or even product launches. Because of its unique advertising opportunity and the growth in popularity, marketers who have not yet embraced this terrific opportunity to promote a brand should contact Asphalt Art and become aware of the splendid advertising resource being missed out on. Asphalt Art designs and prints sidewalk decals, and a representative would be happy to share with you their process, and provide free samples of their work, which can also be seen on their gallery.

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