Boost Foot Traffic with Sidewalk Graphics

sidewalk advertisingIf you have ever been to an outlet mall, then you will understand the following description regarding how it is laid out. An outlet mall is made up of several different types of stores, ranging from boutiques, to shoe stores, to toys stores, to specialty items. All of the shops are adjacent to one another, and it is almost always at an outside location. No matter what the pattern is for the outlet mall, as it pertains to its layout, it will have a sidewalk that connects to each shop, ensuring that customers, as long as they follow the sidewalk pathway, will travel by every single store at the outlet mall. Having a dedicated sidewalk, or walkway that will take customers right by your store is a great advantage to store owners located at outlet malls. Store owners should research using sidewalk graphics as a way to market the store, which will involve placing a unique and brilliant looking advertising design on the sidewalk, in close proximity to your store. As passersby approach your store, the sidewalk graphic will pique their curiosity, and incite the potential shopper to enter your store and look around.

Using sidewalk graphics in these types of settings is a brilliant way to take advantage of the heavy foot traffic involved at outlet malls. Most shoppers who frequent outlet malls do so with a willingness to spend most of the day exploring the majority of stores there. Storeowners and managers that wisely decide to use sidewalk graphics guarantees that each shopper will walk right over a large, attention grabbing advertising graphic, which, by the end of the day, amounts to a countless number of foot traffic witnessing the promotion of your store. You can bet that, with the help of a sidewalk graphic, most of the foot traffic will come right through your store’s door.

Because a considerable number of people will be traveling right by your store’s doorway, the trick is to already have in place a method of enticement that will attract people into your store. The best way to ensure a maximum count is to place a sidewalk graphic on the sidewalk, right under their feet. Sidewalk graphics are advantageous for the user because it enhances store recognition, alerting people that your store is close by. Moreover, sidewalk graphics can convey an idea, promotion, new product, or sentiment that may entice people to visit your store. Sidewalk graphics can very well create an impression on people, enough so those who view the graphic image will enter your store and spend their hard earned money at your store, instead of at a competing location.

In addition, sidewalk graphics can act as a beacon to lead people to your location. By strategically placing your sidewalk graphic in a distinct location, it will serve to boost the foot traffic toward your store that might not otherwise come to your store because they do not realize it is there. A sidewalk graphic immediately alerts all viewers that your store is located at that outlet mall, which means the viewer will not forget about going to your store to shop.

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