What are Self Illuminating Exit Signs?

exit signsSelf illuminating exit signs represent the best way for industrial businesses and building owners to implement the best safety systems within their location. Photoluminescence, which is the type of technology used to give self illuminating exit signs its glow in the dark property has been determined by practically every federal regulatory committee that overseas building safety protocol as the best and superior technology, and its inclusion into safety products makes every one of those products the most vital for its intended purpose. Photoluminescence is an eco friendly, green alternative method of infusing safety products with a self sustainable, self illuminating feature that is much more reliable than any other kind of safety technology on the market today, and does so while simultaneously making the products safe for people and the environment, as well as cuts down on raw energy consumption. For example, if you are still using exit signs that require an electrical current to operate, then those exit signs are consuming energy at a price that dramatically raises your company’s utility overhead. Exit signs operating on an electrical current are also unsafe (represents a fire hazard) and are made with components and materials that are harmful to people who might be performing maintenance on the product, and are harmful to the environment when it comes time for the product to be disposed.

Self illuminating exit signs designed with photoluminescent technology cuts the reliance on the cord, and instead acquires energy by absorbing the ambient (surrounding) light in the area. The properties in the self illuminating exit sign enables it to store that energy, then turn it into its own energy source, enabling it to glow in the dark and self illuminate when the time comes to do so. The following information has been analyzed and evaluated by several federal regulatory agencies, and have been concluded as fact: self illuminating have a much longer life cycle (twenty-five to thirty years) and are much easier to dispose when the time comes, require much less maintenance, are much safer and are not a fire hazard, are more durable, are inexpensive, even when compared to older model exit signs, and provide a utility service by drastically lowering your cost of using electric energy. As you can plainly see, there is absolutely no advantage or benefit to continue using exit signs that require a dedicated power source, and not transitioning immediately to self illuminating exit signs.

Making the switch to self illuminating exit signs is simple, especially when you have the professionals at GloBrite Systems assisting your move to a better, superior safety solutions product. GloBrite experts can lead the way in your exit sign overhaul, helping you pinpoint the right self illuminating exit signs for specific locations, how they are to be installed, and answer any questions you may have regarding the entire process. Every day you delay in your transition to self illuminating exit signs you are wasting your and your company’s hard earned money.

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