Its Time for a new Seasonal Advertising Idea for Marketers

crazy-johns-at-7-elevenThe month of October is finally upon us, and if you ask people, most would probably tell you that they believe that both the fall season and the holiday season are concurrent with one another. Why do most people feel this way? Well, if you happen to go out shopping this past weekend, you will notice that, as soon as we went from September to October first, the Halloween spectacle was in full force. Holiday candy, costumes, scary paraphernalia that can be used to create haunted houses can be found even in your grocery store. However, once we complete our satiation for Halloween and all things sugary and scary, our country dives right into Thanksgiving. Unfortunately (well, depends on who you ask nowadays), Thanksgiving has become so much more than creating a full assortment of food delicacies along with your divine turkey dinner. Thanksgiving, which is supposed to be a day of communion and giving thanks for family and all that we have, in the mother of all ironies, is now synonymous with the first day of (and the best day of) shopping for Christmas. And, what do we really need to say about Christmas, other than you will spend more time shopping in the month of December than you probably do the rest of the year combined.

The common theme here is, from now until New Years Day, you are going to be spending a lot of money. For retail companies, the next ninety days are going to be the busiest, toughest, yet most profitable months of the year. It is time to recruit marketing firms and advertising agencies to develop seasonal advertising ideas for you to use for the upcoming holiday season. If you have been relying on the same “go to” marketing campaign for the last several holiday seasons, you probably have begun feeling how stale and repetitive it has become. It is time to try something new, something that will truly capture the attention of your audience and customer base that will draw them into your store, versus venturing into the countless other stores that sell similar merchandise. Putting together a seasonal advertising agenda that uses floor and ground graphic decals will be your ticket to refreshing your promotional technique, as well as garnering more attention for your store.

Floor and ground graphic decals, especially those designed and printed three dimensionally, is a brilliant way to have images really pop out to the public, gaining their attention, and drawing them in to see what your store can offer. Imagine, during the Halloween season of October, a vibrant and lifelike image of a scary image synonymous with Halloween tradition, like Dracula, Frankenstein, or the Wolfman, for instance. Now conjure people being surprised and fascinated with how real the three dimensional graphic image looked. They will be so impressed with the advertising image that they will be clamoring to visit your store to see what other kind of floor and ground graphic images you have placed throughout the store. Nevertheless, guess what they will be doing that is even more important than that? While perusing your store for more brilliant and uncanny images, they will be exposed to your entire product line, which means they will be spending their money in your store, instead of the store of a direct competitor.

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