Safety with photoluminescent and technology

While photoluminescent safety products have been available for decades, new generation pigments have ushered advanced, photoluminescent emergency egress systems into the mainstream. With today’s improved luminosity and increased luminance duration, building codes and transportation safety standards are now including the use of new generation photoluminescent products for essential life safety applications.

This is underscored by the fact that the Federal Energy Management Program has now determined that the best exit sign product uses photoluminescent technology, and directs all federal agencies to replace and no longer purchase incandescent light bulb or tritium exit signs.

What we call photoluminescent material is actually special inorganic pigments that are incorporated into end products such as adhesive backed plastic tape and safety signage. The photoluminescent pigments used in these products absorb and store energy from normal, ambient light. In the case of sudden darkness, such as power outage or the spread of smoke, the photoluminescent material is immediately visible.

Zero energy photoluminescent safety products are more reliable than old technology electrical signage. In situations where electrical power is cut off or where smoke has begun to mask standard electrical signage, photoluminescent safety products – especially those used in low-level emergency egress systems – provide bright, consistent illumination. The risk of panic is significantly reduced and human lives are saved. When it comes to a fast and safe emergency evacuation route, photoluminescent safety products are clearly indispensable.

With the exception of tritium exit signs, photoluminescent safety products are also non-toxic and non-radioactive. Simple and inexpensive to install, they require virtually zero maintenance beyond periodic inspections for 25 or more years.

Human safety is the top concern for building owners, architects, contractors and product specifiers. Photoluminescent safety products can provide you with the life-saving reliability you need, while also saving money on labor, maintenance and energy costs.