What Products can Improve Action Sports Equipment?

FitnessSafetyTapeAs most people who already know and trust the products designed and sold by Jessup Manufacturing truly do make a difference for improving the safety features for numerous industries and scenarios related to industrial manufacturing and first responder units, they may not have considered how these same products can enhance safety features for action sports equipment. Jessup’s line of grip tapes, anti slip tapes, and non slip tapes are perfectly designed for adding a protective feature on certain action sports equipment. Obviously, accidents are usually involved in action sports, though perhaps if the following action sports began using grip tapes and treads designed by Jessup Manufacturing, accidents can be greatly reduced, and possibly even be prevented.

Skateboards: Interesting fact is that skateboards are not only the first action sports equipment to use grip tapes and treads, they are one of the very first product from any industry to use grip tapes and treads. As skateboarding evolved from casual and fun riding for kids into a mega sport competition for teens and adults, the speed, movements, and aerial stunts performed by professional skateboarders became much more advanced and drastic. Grip tapes and treads were needed, and became a very valuable commodity that all professional skateboarders used to help with the traction of their footing when performing acrobatic stunts. Today, you will not find a skateboard without some form of grip tape and tread, as this safety product has proven itself time and again to aid skateboarders with their performance, while simultaneously reducing the chance of an accident involving slipping.

Water Sports: Water sports equipment, machinery, and vehicles have probably seen more growth over the last decade than any other sport. Water sports have become a recreational activity that everyone cannot help but enjoy. However, with water sports come myriad hazards that have to do with water and its involvement in making people slip due to being slick and most surfaces. Ant slip and non slip tapes and treads can adhere to the surface of any type of water equipment (docks, trailers, and platforms), as well as machinery and vehicles (boats, watercrafts, and jet skis). All of the named products have one thing in common – they will get very wet when used, which means the probability of someone slipping and falling greatly increases when around these products. Therefore, those who partake in water sports should invest in ant slip and non slip tapes and treads what will neutralize slippery surfaces caused by water.

Fitness: What does every single gymnasium have in common? They are all equipped with treadmills. What do all people who use treadmills have in common? They will sweat and possibly drink water while using the treadmill. Sweat and water can make treadmills slippery, which means the person using it could have an accident should he or she lose traction. The use of Jessup’s safety track tapes and tread on the platform / deck will neutralize the potential occurrence of a slip and fall induced by the user’s sweat and water from a water bottle.

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