Trouble Finding Floor Marking Tapes that are Fuel, Water & Fluid Resistant?

SafetyTapeIndustrial businesses that operate, utilize, manufacture, produce, supply, or ship materials, parts, and products most likely have an operational facility or a machinery plant where components are assembled and work is produced. If this is indeed the case, you can bet that the plant or facility uses a lot of machinery, equipment, mechanical devices, et cetera, during its daily operations. Therefore, it is likely that liquids, such as gas, fuel, oil, water, lubricants, cleaning agents, and other types of fluids are used and readily available each and every day. As professional as the workers are who perform labor in these industrial plants and facilities, it cannot be helped that liquids will be spilt on the ground or floor. For those of you who do work in a plant or facility with these kinds of conditions, one of your primary concerns are for the floor marking tapes your business no doubt uses to mark the floors of the facility, which indicate and alert workers about certain areas. For instance, fuel and gasoline is considered highly corrosive, therefore, if it were to continually spill on your facility’s floor marking tape, there is likely a concern that it can corrode the tape, or even cause it to lose its adhesive qualities, meaning the floor tape will dissolve or come loose enough that it will no longer be located in the originally intended area. If you work in an industrial facility, even though this example might sound trivial, it can result in dire consequences. This is why industrial businesses are in demand for floor marking tapes that are fuel, water, and fluid resistant.

Liquid resistant floor marking tapes immediately eliminate the posed scenario described above, because the tape has been designed and developed with materials that will not corrode when gasoline is spilt on it, nor will it lose its adhesive quality if lubricants and other types of fluids are continually spilt on it. This, essentially, makes liquid resistant floor marking tapes an absolute must have for any operational industrial facility, because the safety aspects are that much more improved with its incorporation.

Jessup Manufacturing, understands quite well the safety concerns involved when floor marking tapes are not resistant to fluids, because when awareness regarding certain locations in a manufacturing facility is lost, terrible consequences could result. Therefore, Jessup offers its industrial clients different kinds of floor marking tapes that are resistant to liquids, fuel, oil, water, lubricants, and any other type of fluids you can think of. You can learn more about Jessup’s line of fluid resistant floor marking tape, as well as non slip tapes, on our website, under the “Products” tab. You can also call Jessup, and a representative will be happy to explain more about liquid resistant floor marking tapes and non slip tapes.

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