Safety Grip Tape for Stairs

JessupStairTapeVery few people prefer climbing and descending several flights of stairs in a large building to taking an elevator. Many of the reasons for this have to do with an unwillingness and lack of desire to exert physical energy, the physical stress of ascending and descending stairs, as well as the concern of falling victim to an accident that can come from traveling up and down many flights of stairs. Regarding normal, everyday occurrences, people have the right to choose whether to take the stairs or do use an elevator, or an escalator, if one is available. However, should an emergency situation take hold of a large building or structure that forces the building or structure to call for an evacuation, people located on the second floor and higher will have no choice but to use the stairs in order to evacuate and reach a minimum safe distance. Concerning the last reason for most people not wanting to use the stairs of a large building, the chance of falling victim to an accident that happens in a stairwell greatly increase when people are traveling down several flights of stairs during an evacuation. This is mainly due to panicky people rushing to flee whatever the reason is that people need to evacuate a building, such as a fire breakout, so no injury befalls them. But the fact remains that many more accidents occur in stairwells during an evacuation because of the chaos involved. Therefore, it may make sense to do whatever is necessary to try to resolve the issue of a higher prevalence of accidents in stairwells experienced during an evacuation by installing safety grip tape.

Building owners who have already outfitted their stairwells with safety grip tape for stairs, and have had cause for emergency evacuations at some point in time, can speak to how beneficial the safety grip tape was in significantly reducing the number of accidents associated with slips and falls while descending stairs. Thorough research and analysis involving the use of safety grip tape, and whether it actually reduces accidents in stairwells has been documented, with the proof revealing that buildings and tall structures with safety grip tape installed in the stairwells experience a much lesser degree of accidents associated with slips and falls. This statistic should galvanize those building owners who have not yet outfitted their location with safety grip tape. Should something happen that calls for an evacuation of your premises, and safety grip tape is not installed in your stairwell, and on your steps and stairs, you may have tragic scenarios unfold, which could consequently lead to serious injuries, possible deaths, even lawsuits.

Fortunately, purchasing safety grip tape for stairs is relatively inexpensive, and installation is simple. In other words, it is a small investment to make where the return on investment is astronomical – much improved safety features that guarantee to dramatically decrease the likelihood that someone has an accident in your stairwell, and greatly improve the chance that all occupants of your building will reach safety with ease, and without accident, during an emergency that calls for an evacuation.

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