Need Reliable Safety Applications for Wet Surfaces?

JessupStairTapeIf you have ever lost your footing due to an unnoticed spill or tracking from outside, then it is easy to see why safety applications for wet surfaces are important. It only takes a few seconds for a slip or fall to result in serious injury. This is especially true if occurring on stairs, around equipment, or on a hard surface. The results of these injuries are often devastating to a business owner because one fall is all it takes to experience:

  • Permanent Injuries
  • Health Insurance Increases
  • Workers Compensation
  • Lost Hours
  • Legal Complications

Whether an employee or customer, the results will be the same when an unexpected slip or fall causes the individual to be injured. Any location experiencing water tracking or spills is a big culprit to these types of accidents. Safety applications for wet surfaces should be a top priority in these among other areas:

  • Entrances
  • Bathrooms
  • Stairs
  • Work Locations
  • Break Rooms
  • Kitchens
  • Unloading Areas

Wet surfaces with no protection are a leading contributor to costly, long-term injuries. They are a real threat to any business or facility owner as it takes only one occurrence to do permanent harm. As an example, if customers regularly track water from the outside through an entrance, then improper matting or cleaning practices are an open invite for a dangerous fall. The results of this incident could be a legal lawsuit that requires an extensive amount of funds. A few preventative measures and safety applications for wet surfaces will go a long way.

Why Install Mats, Treads, and Non-Slip Adhesives?
Before any safety items may be installed within a high-risk location, you must first assess where these injuries are most likely to occur. As mentioned above, any area subject to spills or where wet surfaces are common make the best starting point. You should repair any damaged areas of the flooring or stairs to ensure the application will be effective and does not contribute to a slip, trip, or fall. A well-maintained area will provide a good base when implementing safety applications for wet surfaces.

The next step involves assessing what applications will deliver the most traction and protection in an area. A mat is a good option for entrances, but becomes less effective if not properly cleaned or fastened to the flooring. Additionally, non-slip adhesives provide great traction around equipment, on stairs, or in bathrooms. However, if they are beginning to separate from the application area, then they become an open invite for a fall. Continued maintenance is just as important as choosing the right safety applications.

Mats, treads, and adhesives create a gritty or gripping surface for any location where slick soles, spills, or tracking creates a risky situation. These materials are designed to deliver extra traction as an individual walks on them with wet or slick soles to decrease the chance of injury. It is important to remember that regular cleaning and maintenance will promote their effectiveness. At Jessup MFG, we have more than fifty years of experience in developing slip resistance products. If you are seeking safety applications for wet surfaces, our team will help you get the right product to meet these needs. Contact us today to get started.

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