Safety Signs that Use ZERO Energy

power free exit signs“Necessary evil” would be a bad idiom to use to explain building owners perceptions of certain safety signs, but they definitely have a love / hate relationship with safety signs and other types of egress markers. Why the turmoil? Building owners completely understand the necessity to having safety signs throughout their building, because if anything should happen that would require the evacuation of people from the building, it will be the safety signs found throughout the building that will lead people to a safe haven or location, away from danger. The ‘hate’ aspect stems from the cost of some safety signs available on the market. For any of the readers of this blog, it is a safe bet that probably all of you pay an energy utility bill. If you have, it is also a safe bet that the per kilowatt consumption cost continues to increase over time. Most of you can relate to this scenario as it pertains to your home. Now, imagine having to pay the energy bill of an entire building. Many safety signs need a direct source of energy in order to function, meaning the sign will be hooked into an outlet that provides electricity. This means that those types of safety signs are requiring energy twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, four weeks a month, and twelve months a year. In other words, safety signs that are connected to a power source can costs thousands, tens of thousands, perhaps even hundreds of thousand of dollars every year, depending on the size of the building and the number of safety signs installed throughout the building. The exorbitant per month fee of these bills must drive building owners nuts. Fortunately, these building owners can do something about it.

Safety signs exist that use zero energy. You read that correct. In case you have not kept up with the latest in safety sign design and development, there is now a type of safety signage called photoluminescent, which allows safety signs to use no energy whatsoever. What photoluminescent safety signs do is accumulate the ambient energy that surrounds the safety sign infused with this wonderful technology, and then it stores that energy to be used to glow in the dark for extended periods of time. Sound like a gimmick? Photoluminescent safety signs have been thoroughly tested, and every time the technology passes with flying colors. Imagine being able to outfit your building with safety signs that use zero energy. Now open your eyes and act to make the transition and save yourself a ton of money, because safety signs that use no energy are now a reality.

GloBrite is a purveyor of photolumoinescent safety signs, and they can provide all the necessary materials and product information you need to make the switch as soon as possible. Photoluminescent exit signs are actually inexpensive, so couple that with the fact that your power bills will drastically decrease, and photoluminescent exit signs become one of the most cost effective moves you might ever make that will actually dramatically improve the efficiency of your building. Do not hesitate, reach out to GloBrite today, and let one of their professionals make the change to a better safety sign.

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