Safety Product Improvement Ideas

One of the greatest concerns building owners have is developing and implementing safety procedures for their space. The task of finding the right safety products for your building or office space, and then installing the safety products is daunting, not only because of the time it will take to place all of the products in the correct locations, but also because of all the jessup1regulations that must be followed to ensure your building is up to code. Even after building owners and office managers have conducted the correct procedures to equip their location with emergency egress markers, they must continue to follow ordinances and changes in protocol to make sure their building keeps up with changing codes and regulations. Even if regulations and codes were not changed on a regular basis, smart building owners are always looking for safety product improvement ideas that will maximize safety protocol at their location. Fortunately for building owners who keep up with new technology and revolutionary safety products, there now exists exceptional egress markers and signage that is far above any other safety equipment available.

Safety product improvement ideas reached its zenith with the creation of photoluminescent technology. Photoluminescent products have greatly improved the landscape of how buildings are ready for unforeseen circumstances that cause people to have to evacuate the location. Photoluminescence, also known as glow in the dark technology, uses ambient light for energy, then uses that energy to operate and glow brighter and longer than any other product on the market, and is durable and reliable enough to function even during the most severe conditions, a concept competing safety products cannot match. Photoluminescent technology is also considered eco friendly and a green alternative to traditional safety products, meaning it does not require a direct current of electricity to operate, making it much more cost effective versus competing products.

Another safety product idea that has improved evacuation efficiency and has greatly reduced accidents in the workplace is grip tape. Grip tape is excellent for locations that accrue a lot of condensation, such as a lobby area of a building, or where a lot of water is amassed, such as a bathroom. Grip tape provides traction, which significantly reduces slips and falls, subsequently reducing liability lawsuits against the owner of a building.

To learn more about these two brilliant safety product improvement ideas that you can take full advantage of with ease, contact GloBrite Systems. GloBrite offers both Photoluminescent and grip tape products, and a representative will be happy to explain to you how to incorporate both products into your building with simplicity and effectiveness. Do not wait any longer, outfit your building or office space with the best safety product improvement ideas in the industry.

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