Going Green with Photoluminescent Safety Products

GlowinthedarkpigmentThere was once a time where, if you were the one responsible for the upkeep of safety products within your specific location, the only option you had were equipment that relied on electricity to function as needed. If there was no electrical outlet within proximity to where an emergency egress sign needed to be placed, then you could not have an emergency sign strategically placed in that location, or you had better call an electrician right away to install an electrical socket. Two glaring issues arise from this outdated philosophy on emergency egress signage: The ridiculous cost associated with electrical egress signage, and the overall inefficiency found in utilizing electrical egress signage, such as insufficient reliability and durability, tedious maintenance requirements, and the fact that these types of signs pose a fire hazard. What if the power in the building where emergency exit signs fails, and the auxiliary power does not respond? This dire scenario would pit a mass of people trying to evacuate a building literally blind.

No longer does anybody have to deal with this archaic method of utilizing safety products in a given location, nor have to rely on an antiquated, undependable technology. Fortunately, there are smart people in this world, and areas in need of egress signage can now depend on eco friendly, green alternative safety products infused with photoluminescent technology. Photoluminescent safety products – using glow in the dark technology designed by brilliant minds – do not require a dedicated source of energy, such as an electrical current, and can function as intended merely by absorbing ambient light, then using that energy source to operate. Photoluminescent safety products are cost effective, and will save whoever decides to invest and install this brand of technology into his or her location a lot of money, making photoluminescence the ultimate green technology for emergency egress signage.

Why exactly is photoluminescence the ultimate green technology for safety products?

  • It does not use or waste power resources that could one day run out.
  • Cost effective because the power source is ambient, and not a provided energy source from a municipality.
  • The materials and components are eco friendly, meaning it is biodegradable, and in no way does its contents harm people or the environment.
  • Photoluminescent materials and components are more durable, more reliable, offer a much longer life cycle, and are not made with any radioactive elements, unlike almost every other type of safety product.
  • Less maintenance required for photoluminescent safety products, meaning it is self sufficient, and will never require a battery backup system.

GloBrite Systems can help you ‘go green’ by assisting you with the transition to photoluminescent safety products, and you will then officially have outfitted your area with the best safety products ever developed.

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