What are the Types of Roll to Roll Coating Processes?

Industrial Process on the Metal Gears.To learn more about the types of roll to roll coating processes that are available to industrial organizations, this blog will first delve into a brief explanation of what exactly roll to roll means, along with how it works. The roll to roll methodology is commonly used in the field of electronic devices, or how it pertains to electronic components and products, and it involves the process of creating these electronic devices, components, or products on a roll of flexible plastic or metal foil. The advantage to utilizing roll to roll processing is it then allows those electronic products, devices, and components to be coated, laminated or printed, and then customized to their desired size. As you may already know, if an electronic device were to be incorporated onto a roll to roll processor, the ability to customize the electronic device present huge opportunities to further improve the product or products. That is because coating an electronic component means you are added structural and / or aesthetic enhancements that will allow the electronic device to last longer, withstand certain forces, become more durable, function at a higher capacity, or simply look better than it did previously.

Now that you understand the basics, this blog will review the types of roll to toll coating processes available to your industrial business. However, before we dive in to the types of roll to roll coating processes, should you have any questions regarding the information presented in the previous paragraph, or are in need of clarification or more detailed specifics concerning the roll to roll process, you should reach out to Jessup Manufacturing. A Jessup representative will be delighted to provide you all the information and education you can handle as it pertains to the roll to roll process, and how it affects electronic devices. Now, regarding the types of roll to roll coating, there exists several different kinds, including air knife coating, knife over roll coating, gap coating, hot melt coating, immersion (also known as dip) coating, metering rod coating, roller coating (which includes both forward and reverse methods), slot die coating, curtain coating, and extrusion coating, among others. Because there are so many methods of roll to roll coating processes, and this blog must be concise in its length, it is also strongly encouraged that you also learn about these coating methods from Jessup Manufacturing, along with realizing which method of coating would be best for your industrial business – with which a Jessup professional can also assist.

There is an obvious reliance and benefit resulting from consulting with Jessup Manufacturing – an idea this blog is trying hard to hit home. This is because Jessup has been helping industrial businesses with industrial products for nearly sixty years, a period most other industrial organizations are nowhere near reaching. Jessup’s longevity speaks to its experience, professionalism, and knowledge, which is why your industrial organization would be wise to contact the company for information on roll to roll coating processes, as well as any other assistance you might need for your business.

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