Promote One Sale, then onto the Next with Removable Ground Graphics

removable-ground-graphicsFinding new and creative ways to showcase sales is a constant challenge for retailers. Posters and window displays can only do so much to pull people into your store. And if you do get passersby inside, drawing their attention where you want it can feel like trying to herd cats.

Up until recently, retailers have focused on keeping their advertisements at customer’s eye level. It seems intuitive that people walking around would be most likely to notice things presented to them right in front of their faces. But the fact of the matter is that most people walking down the street tend to keep their gaze fixed on the ground in front of them. Looking around from side to side isn’t a natural tendency. Unless the people walking around are tourists who are actively trying to take in the scene around them, it’s much more likely for people to keep their gaze fixed forward with a downward angle.

This is why savvy retailers have begun investing in removable ground graphics. Graphic advertisements placed on the floor, both in front of your store and inside it are an innovative and effective way to attract attention. Ground decals are still unexpected, which makes them a welcome and intriguing sight to passersby. A well-designed ground graphic placed at the entryway of your store can help extend your advertising space, give passersby a sense of your style and offerings, and create a positive experience of your store before potential customers even get inside.

Call Customers’ Attention to Products and Promotions
Once inside the doors, floor graphics can be used to promote sales or particular products throughout your space. Particularly in environments like grocery stores or electronic stores where the shelves are packed with products, floor graphics can help set apart those products that you’re most interested in promoting. With virtually no limits in terms of size or shape, you can create ground graphics that creatively mark paths, draw attention with seemingly 3D images, point out sale items, or simply add to the decor of your store.

An added benefit of ground graphics is that they can be easily removed and replaced. Jessup Manufacturing Company, the makers of Asphalt Art, carry a variety of printing mediums that can be used to create ground decals for placement on everything from carpet to marble. With proper application, floor graphics can be removed in a matter of minutes without leaving a sticky residue.

If you’d like to see how removable ground graphics can help you promote your next big sale, request your free sample pack of Asphalt Art and see how versatile our print media truly is. You can also visit our Point of Sale Advertising board on Pinterest to get inspired.

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