Adding Protective Coatings for Ladders with Grip Tape

SkateTapeLadders are a very popular and much needed tool for several different types of businesses and industries. Ladders are not only needed for commercial entities, as they are a popular item around the house as well. Ladders are also one of the most feared tools used both commercial and at home, because most people, when preparing to climb or descend a ladder, are almost always concerned with slipping and falling off. Even the most professional users of ladder have this concern, especially if they are using a ladder under certain duress, like outside during a severe rainstorm, or, for instance, when a fire fighter is ascending or descending a ladder in heavy or thick smoke, making it difficult to see the rungs on the ladder. For the examples mentioned here, where environmental forces provoke a situation, making it more difficult to use a ladder and more likely an accident could befall a person using a ladder, it may be worth looking into placing grip tape on the ladder to help with a person’s grip and footing when ascending and descending a ladder. Adding a protective coating for ladders in the form of grip tape could very well save a person’s life.

For the example about using a ladder in wet conditions, this could very well happen to someone who was caught in a rainstorm while using a ladder, or a fire fighter responding to a fire occurring in a tall building while it is raining. The water will obviously make the rungs on the ladder wet and slick, making the potential for an accident on a ladder much greater. This problem can be eliminated if the rungs on the ladder had grip tape placed on them, which would neutralize any slick formations on the rungs. You see, grip tape provides friction and traction for a person’s feet and hands, which the grip tape material will not become diluted or compromised when exposed to rainfall, or to liquid substances known to make a surface slippery. Therefore, should a firefighter need to use a ladder during a storm, he or she does not have to be concerned about slipping off the rungs of the ladder if that ladder is equipped with grip tape. In this example, adding a protective coating for the ladder in the for of grip tape can not only make a fire fighter’s job easier, it could save his or her life.

In the second example, where a firefighter is climbing or descending a ladder in thick and heavy smoke, making it difficult to see, if the grip tape is made with photoluminescent (glow in the dark) materials, then the visibility of the ladder’s rungs will tremendously improve. Photoluminescent grip tape offers the safe superior grip feature, with the addition of a luminescent component, which will provide both outstanding grip and the ability to see every part of the ladder, as well as each individual rung, no matter what difficult scenario occurs. This means with the implementation of photoluminescent grip tape, a firefighter will be able to clearly make out each rung on the ladder when using it during a fire that is emanating thick and heavy smoke, which will then enable the firefighter to correctly place his or her hands and feet properly on each individual rung, enabling a safe journey up and down the ladder.

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