How is Innovation Doing in 2014?

TimetoInventInnovation, overall, seems to be on a dramatic upswing in the United States, especially in the realm of technology. In the last decade, to date, there has been a wide stroke of innovative ideas, designs, and creations in the tech industries that have completely changed the way we communicate and interact with others, as well as the way in which we interact with technology devices, equipment, and products. At present, and for the foreseeable future, drastic innovations in technology will only continue, which will make the future of our country quite interesting to follow. Innovation, as it pertains to the industry GloBrite Systems is involved, seems to be on a similar trend as innovation related to technology, though perhaps not as grandiose. Fortunately, innovation in the technology that can be used to make emergency exit signage and egress marking systems has given us products that are utterly superior in every facet to previous models that were used for so long. Photoluminescent technology has provided building owners, businesses, municipalities, and many other groups a method to maximize the protection of their specific locations, along with the maximization of safety standards for people and the occupants of that location.

In 2014, innovative efforts in the world of safety products continue, as more safety products, equipment, materials, and components are developed with photoluminescent technology. Designers and developers are finding ways to manipulate photoluminescence, so the technology can be used on clothes, equipment, shoes and boots, gloves, helmets, water hoses, vehicles, and even sporting goods – in addition to the emergency egress markers and safety signage that have already benefitted from photoluminescent implementation. Photoluminescence can now is a pigment that can be infused in various materials – people can now paint, as well as write with ink made of photoluminescent chemical compounds created in liquid form.

Increasingly, more brilliant minds are going the route of creating ideas on their own, which is one of the ways innovation begins. Therefore, even though the first half of 2014 is already over, expect more ideas to come forth regarding further enhancements to safety features and systems in the second half of 2014. GloBrite Systems commends those who strive for innovations, and the company’s professionals are happy to provide consultation and advice to anybody who needs assistance molding or forming their brilliant ideas. Though GloBrite is pleased with how much progress has been made with photoluminescent technology, and how many industries have started transitioning to the utilization of this technology, the company is always researching methods of adding additional features to safety products and systems that will only work toward augmenting the overall safety of people in any given area.

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