Save Money with Power Free Exit Signs

wirelessexitsignsFor decades, building owners have hoped and looked for ways to reduce overhead cost and save money when it came to installing exit signs throughout their building, but always maintained the standard that the most important element is ensuring optimal safety standards. Unfortunately, for so long that meant with putting up with slightly better than average exit signs that absorbed so much energy in order to facilitate functionality, inducing an extraordinary expense when it came time to pay the building’s utility costs. Today, the situation is much different, and building owners can now jump for joy because there exists power free exit signs that not only work better and more efficiently than traditional exit signs, but will significantly reduce the overhead cost of a building. By transitioning to power free exit signs infused with photoluminescent technology, building owners can begin saving money now, and for the foreseeable future.

Photoluminescent technology is an eco friendly, green alternative product line of exit signs that have been designed in such a way that the materials and components used to build these signs does not require a direct source of electricity produced from an outlet or other type of power source. Instead, exit signs equipped with photoluminescent technology can absorb ambient, or the surrounding production of light and energy. Photoluminescent exit signs will store all of that absorbed energy, and when it comes time to glow in the dark for several hours, photoluminescent exit signs will shine brighter and longer than any other product on the market today – even those that are connected to an electrical outlet. In addition, these power free exit signs have been tested, and have proven to last longer, provide more durability, require a lot less maintenance, and offer a much longer life cycle than any other exit sign product.

In short, power free exit signs infused with photoluminescent technology provide every single statistical advantage known over every other type of exit sign product made available. Even federal regulatory committees, such as the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) understand the value photoluminescent technology provides, which is why these agencies are pushing for each state in America to make the use of photoluminescence mandatory.

If power free exit signs sound like something from which your building and your check book can benefit, which it should, then begin your search for photoluminescent exit signs, and other emergency and safety egress products at Jessup Manufacturing. Jessup has been pioneering the use of photoluminescent exit signs since its inception, and the company can surely help you make the transition to the best power free exit signs available on the market today.

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