Power Free Exit Signs – Is that Even Possible?

power free exit signsThis blog is being written in hopes to debunk a myth, or viewpoint, related to exit signs, and whether all exit signs need to run on an electrical current in order to operate. First, it is completely understandable why most people are of the belief that exit signs run on a connected energy outlet. After all, is it not that most electronic devices run on some form of direct electrical current or batteries? Is it even possible for exit signs to be power free? Well, believe it or not, it is possible for exit signs to be power free. In fact, power free exit signs are the wave of the future, and have been taking buildings by storm with their efficient, safe, longer lasting, more favorable durability, eco friendly, and green alternative assets. One power free exit sign technology, called photoluminescence, has been so thoroughly evaluated and proven to be the best technology available to fuse with exit signs that government regulatory committees such as the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) have approved and are suggesting  that states use photoluminescent exit signs in building and office locations.

You see, photoluminescent technology allows an exit sign, through its intricate design, to absorb ambient, or the surrounding light emissions, and store that light as energy, which it then distributes as its own source of power to illuminate in the darkness. Photoluminescent exit signs can remain lit for countless hours, so if a blackout occurs for days, photolumoinescent exit signs will remain lit with the surrounding energy it absorbs throughout the day. Another huge benefit to photoluminescent exit signs is you will never see a power cord attached. Never mind how dangerous hooked up exit signs can be, in the sense that it poses a fire threat and safety hazard, think about how much less energy your building will be consuming with that many electrical devices not being connected to a power source. It will translate to incredible savings on your utility bills. Therefore, as you are probably already assuming, there is absolutely no detriment to switching to power free exit signs. The following will help you get started on that front.

Several companies state that they provide the type of technology that makes for power free exit signs, but it is strongly recommended you find a company that offers photoluminescent technology, which is number one on the list of almost every regulatory organization. One company that definitely offers exit signs infused with photoluminescent technology is GloBrite Systems. GloBrite has been helping building owners and industrial businesses make the transition to power free exit signs for years, and the company proudly supports exit signs instilled with photoluminescent technology because GloBrite agrees with the federal regulatory commissions that it is simply the best kind of exit sign product. So, contact a GloBrite professional today, and learn how you can make an easy transition to power free exit signs.

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