Can POS Displays be Simplified?

visual13The word is out, and the popularity regarding the use of floor and ground graphics as a POS, or Point of Sale, display continues to rise. Followers of this blog post already hold a solid understanding of how floor and ground graphics are designed and created, how floor and ground graphics can be used, and the benefits concerning the use of this wonderful and unique marketing tool. However, you might not be entirely familiar with point of sale systems. Point of sale pertains to the items and products inside any brick and mortar store that are strategically located near, or in close proximity to the checkout lanes. Studies in retail show that certain items and products, when strategically placed close to the checkout lanes of a store, actually sell much better than if they were placed in any other location in the store. The idea is that, because most shoppers continue their shopping impulses even as they approach the checkout aisles, are more likely and willing to spend additional money on small, relatively inexpensive products that tickle their fancy as they prepare to leave the store. Therefore, business owners of shops and retail stores have found additional success in generating revenue when advertising these specific products through the use of floor and ground graphics.

Storeowners have lauded the proficiency in floor and ground graphics ability to offer more space in a store, because this type of advertising tool does not take up any room at all, like other types of promotional tools would. Floor and ground graphics stick to the floor of a store, and other promotional tools do not. Floor and ground graphics are also easy to arrange placement and remove, so store owners do not have to concern themselves with issues of tedious, time consuming, and laborious placement and removal methods, which cannot be said for many types of advertising tools. Another huge benefit to using floor and ground graphics: this unrivaled advertising tool is not costly, by any means. All of these described advantages add up to a very simplified method of advertising products and items placed around the point of sale, which has a proven success rate with storeowners who have already utilized its promotional benefits.

Asphalt Art, USA provides the printing materials and components required for developing floor and ground graphic displays that can be placed around a store’s point of sale location. All the client has to do is design the image, and, as long as you employ the assistance of a printing company that specializes in printing floor and ground graphics, and uses printing materials and components from Asphalt Art, USA, you will achieves sales goals you probably have never fathomed before. It is an easy choice to make, so begin simplifying your POS displays today, with the help of floor and ground graphics.

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