POP Graphics for Street Vendors

Summer is the biggest selling season for outdoor vendors. Food trucks, hot dog stands, crafters, local farmers, and independent retailers all rely on the great weather of summer and a strong booth location to make sales in city centers, at festivals, and at outdoor events. This summer, give your sales a boost by trying out point-of-purchase (POP) ground graphics. Such graphics can help you extend your advertising space, show off your creativity, and impress potential customers.

POP graphics for outdoor events have become a lot more popular over the last few years as vendors have realized just how easy such graphics are to install and remove. As an outdoor vendor, you’re unlikely to stay in one place too long, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still benefit from POP ground graphics. Printed on mediums like Asphalt Art, such graphics can be laid down in a matter of minutes and removed just as easily without leaving residue . Plus, these graphics are affordable enough to replace on a regular basis. With the surge in sales that you’ll get from your POP graphics, they’re likely to pay for themselves multiple times over.

Ground graphics can be placed on a wide variety of surfaces without causing any damage. They can be laid down for anywhere from a day to several months and are made with a safe, non-slip material that can withstand foot, bike, and even auto traffic.

One of the best things about POP ground graphics is that they help extend your advertising space and give you a chance to engage with more potential customers. Ground graphics have the benefit of being unexpected and creative, causing people passing by to stop and take note. You can even lay down a ground graphic around the corner from your booth to help direct people who might not other otherwise find you.

The other great thing about ground graphics is that they can be completely customized to your needs. You can create a seemingly 3-D image that pops out at your customers with a juicy depiction of your lunch special, or you can create a graphic that engages potential customers in a game or a joke. Use ground graphics to create a queue that gives them things to read or do as they wait in line for your tasty treats. You can also use graphics to advertise your latest sales on apparel or whatever else you may be selling.

Check out our Pinterest album of creative POP ground decals, then request a free sample pack of print media from Jessup Manufacturing, the makers of Asphalt Art, today.

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