The Finishing Touch for your POS Display

visual13Marketing firms and advertising agencies that have come to trust the advantages of using ground graphic displays for promotional purposes have tested using this unique promotional tool for several different circumstances, one of which involves its use as a point of sale (POS) display. For a quick introduction to the term ‘point of sale,’ it concerns the use of a specific marketing strategy that places visual displays inside a brick and mortar shop, in close proximity to the checkout lanes, where shoppers usually indulge in last second shopping impulses. Marketing agencies have lauded the space saving options provided by ground graphic displays, because the display does not take up any room at all. How is this possible? Ground graphic displays adhere to the floor of a store, as if it were painted onto the floor. Another reason why advertising firms prefer ground graphics is because of its simplicity to set up and arrange (the display can be installed the day of the event), and it is just as easy to remove when the event comes to an end.

As it pertains to ground graphic displays as a strategy for improving point of sale goals, the client would want to place the ground graphic display in advantageous areas throughout his or her store. Advantageous areas include close proximities to the cash register and/or checkout line in order to grab the shopper’s attention and sway that customer into seriously considering an additional purchase just prior to checking out. Ground graphic displays are designed and developed using detailed, vibrant images that will make the product on display stand out in a way that other image promoting advertising methods cannot duplicate, nor achieve.

Asphalt Art, USA provides the necessary printing materials and components that lead to the creation of brilliant ground graphic displays, which can be implemented practically anywhere in a store, and can especially help at a point of sale location. Ground graphics are printed for placement on the floor, among other areas, and can be put outside or inside. Ground graphic displays can also be placed on walls, stairs and stairwells, and even the ceiling, if so desired by the client. Please keep in mind that if your business plans to use ground graphic displays outside, be sure to mention where the intended area is exactly before the ground graphic is printed because specialized paper will need to be used, especially if the outdoor conditions could be wet, or involve heavy foot and / or vehicular traffic throughout the day’s events.

Ground graphic displays have proven to be an advantageous advertising resource at the point of sale, meaning store and shop owners should expect an excellent return on investment if they do decide to incorporate the use of this advertising tool. In the event that you are unfamiliar with how ground graphics look, you can visit the Asphalt Art, USA gallery, where you can see several examples of ground graphic displays in use at social events and gatherings.

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