Floor Graphics for Point of Purchase Advertising

visual13The majority of marketing agencies and advertising companies that have implemented floor graphics from Asphalt Art to their client’s sales goals and brand recognition have mentioned how particularly effective floor graphic implementation was at the point of purchase. Point of purchase advertising recognizes the value of marketing and/or advertising at the actual place where you purchase the item. It is a strategy that places visual displays inside a brick and mortar store where shoppers are searching for particular items to purchase. More specifically, these visual displays will be in close proximity to product that the store owner really wants to sell and/or create brand recognition for in hopes that the customers will put the item in the cart or on the counter.

A strategy involved with point of purchase sales would involve placing floor graphics in key locations, such as near the cash register or checkout line in order to catch the shopper’s attention, forcing that customer to strongly consider purchasing the product as he or she is checking out. Floor graphic displays are usually designed with vibrant images that are quite detailed, which makes the product on display stand out in such an effective way that other types of image replicating methods used for advertising purposes cannot match.

Asphalt Art USA is a company that has developed numerous types of materials on which floor graphic art images can be printed. Theses images, which can be put on display virtually anywhere in a brick and mortar store, can be especially helpful at the point of purchase. As the name suggests, floor graphics are designed and printed out to be placed on the floor or ground, but they can also be placed on the walls, stairs and stairwells, and even the ceiling. In addition, floor graphics can be put either inside or outside, but it needs to be known where you intend to put the floor graphic before it is printed out because the type of printing roll used depends upon the type of surface for placement.

As mentioned, floor graphic creations have proven to be a very helpful selling resource as a point of purchase component. What this means for store and shop owners is that they can expect a solid return on their investment if they decide to implement the use of floor graphic imagery, especially at the point of purchase. The good news is they are temporary and can be easily changed to align with the next product or seasonal display.

Asphalt Art USA is a proprietor of floor graphics. A representative of the company can help you learn how to incorporate this incredible tool into your point of purchase, which will increase your sales. If you have never seen floor graphics on display, visit the Asphalt Art website gallery to see examples of floor graphics in use. Act now, and start the consultation process with an Asphalt Art professional, and get your new point of purchase advertising idea off the ground and begin improving your sales as soon as possible.

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