A New Type of Point of Purchase Marketing

8It has been determined that a key area for stores to focus its advertising efforts on to boost sales is at the point of purchase. Point of purchase can be described as the location near checkout aisles or lanes where store products are advertised and sold to entice customers to spend more before leaving the store. The marketing displays and products promoted by the displays are strategically placed in close proximity to the checkout spots. Studies show that many people are willing to act on impulsive shopping behaviors by grabbing products right before checking out, so creating and using a sleek, yet simple advertising image is a terrific way to push the shopper even more to buy an additional product. These advertising displays involve an image with a brief slogan to make the product stand out. Sometimes it works, other times it does not. Perhaps by sprucing up the advertising display with, say, the use of ground graphics, storeowners will likely see an increase in point of purchase sales.

Ground graphics can be put on display virtually anywhere in a store or building, including the inside floor of a store, outside ground in front of or near a store, wall, steps and / or stairwell, and ceiling. Because ground graphics can provide detailed and lifelike imagery that most other kinds of marketing graphics tools cannot, it has become a popular method for inciting public awareness and interest for marketing firms and advertising agencies to help stores increase sales. Most recently, ground graphic designs are proving a valuable resource as a point of purchase component, increasing sales at the point of purchase, meaning stores are getting a great return on investment for deciding to implement ground graphics for point of purchase marketing. The evidence of ground graphic success at the point of purchase suggests that consumers are positively affected toward spending more at the point of purchase when ground graphic imagery is associated with the product on sale at the point of purchase location.

Asphalt Art provides the necessary resources for ground graphic art designs to come to life by selling the necessary materials to printing companies that can mange to produce ground graphics. These materials bring out the vibrant and lifelike nature of the ground graphic images, which is why it has bee so successful as a point of purchase marketing tool – providing your store with a needed boost in profit and sales. If you want a better idea of how ground graphic designs appear once they have been developed, please visit the Asphalt Art website, which provides perfect examples of awesome marketing images.

If your store’s sales are in decline, then you should take a chance on this new type of point of purchase marketing tool, as ground graphics have a proven track record of positively influencing point of purchase sales.

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