Why Use Photoluminescent Technology for Building Safety?

In a post 9/11 world, every building owner recognizes the importance of building safety. Although the threat of something as catastrophic as the terrorist attacks on September 11th, 2001 are very unlikely to happen to you, if you have been following the news, there have been a lot of incidents, whether natural or man made, happening at a more frequent rate. Therefore, it is never a bad thing to be prepared, jut in case. Because if something does happen, you do not want to be responsible for the injuries of numerous people, and you do not want to fell the guilt of knowing you could have done more to make your building safer. This leads us to the main reason why building owners should use photoluminescent technology for building safety. Simply stated, photoluminescent technology is the best method of implementing emergency egress materials throughout your building to make it safer.

Photoluminescent technology has proven, through myriad test results, to be the most reliable and efficient method of emergency egress markers installed in a building to ensure safe passage. Photoluminescent technology benefits from its ability to store energy from ambient light, then transmitting that energy into an effective way to produce a bright, consistent glow at all times. Because of its ability to store and utilize ambient light, photoluminescent technology does not require a produced energy source, such as electricity from an outlet or generator or batteries. This is a critical life saving element when it comes to reliability. No worry about backup generators, or worn out batteries. Photoluminescent emergency signs will perform in any condition without fail. Besides the safety factors, because they don’t use energy they save money and maintenance expenses. In addition to these factors, regulatory committees such as OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) are making the use of photoluminescent technology mandatory in many states because of its advantages and its ability to provide better building safety than any other emergency egress product.

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