When Should your Building Safety Switch to Photoluminescent Technology?

Now. Today. Right away. As soon as possible. Immediately. As fast as you can. This very second.

Obviously, the above answers are an attempt at humor, but the truth of the matter is, if you are a building owner and you do not currently have photoluminescent technology installed in your building, you should seriously consider making the transition to this type of egress marking technology because it is the best type of egress signage available. Inarguably, the most important aspect of a building is its safety. The occupants of your building must be as well protected as they can be at all times, especially if an unfortunate or disastrous scenario unfolds that requires a rapid and immediate evacuation. Admittedly, the odds of something dire happening to or within your building are in your favor. However, if recent events over the last decade are any indication (natural disasters, terrorist strikes, technology malfunctions, user error), it is better to be cautious and have the best building safety protocol available; because the risk of being held responsible for something going wrong can, and will probably be too much to bear.

Photoluminescent technology is cost efficient, eco friendly, efficient, reliable, and durable – more so than any other egress product on the market today, as tests and the conclusions of many regulatory committees will validate. GloBrite Systems, a proprietor of highly rated and efficient egress products – including photoluminescence – for well over a decade will vouch for the quality and need for building owners to incorporate this brand of egress signage. Practically every test, analysis, result, and conclusion conducted on comparing egress options indicates that photoluminescent technology is the best option for all building owners. Need evidence? How about the fact that regulatory organizations such as OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) are enforcing the use of photoluminescent technology, even making the use of the egress product mandatory in several states.

Because of its unmatched advantages and obvious supremacy to competing products, the question of when should your building safety switch to photoluminescent technology is really rhetorical, as you should have already made the transition. There is not a single reason why you should not make the switch to photoluminescence. GloBrite is a company that can provide you more information of photolumoinescent technology, and help you make the switch so you can optimize your building safety.

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