Understanding Photoluminescent Technology

Even though photoluminescent technology has been receiving rave reviews from government safety agencies and regulatory committees, it is surprising that many companies in several different industries are unaware of the technology, and how it could benefit their business. Organizations including OSHA (Occupational Health and Safety Administration) and the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) approve of photoluminescent technology with such unflinching belief in its benefits that both are passing legislation in several states, making the use of the technology mandatory because of its incredible advantages, especially as it pertains to safety. So, why is it that photoluminescence has not become a “household name,” especially in the business sector?

The above-mentioned perplexity is astonishing. Perhaps the reason is not enough literature and advertising has been created for photoluminescent technology. Therefore, it is the intention of this blog to mitigate the terrible lack of information concerning the technology and quench the need for knowledge regarding photoluminescence. A good place to begin is to help readers understand photoluminescent technology.

Photoluminescence is a method of free source, eco friendly energy that can power certain products and devices, such as egress markers and safety signage that can be found in buildings across the country. Photoluminescence does not need an electric current or supplied source of energy; it simply uses ambient light to function. A device infused with photoluminescent technology will store the ambient light and use it to function, allowing it to glow brightly for people to see in the event of an emergency where people need to quickly evacuate from a dangerous area. It has been tested and proven to be more reliable and more efficient than any other types of egress signage, and it lasts much longer than competing products (photoluminescent technology in safety signs can last up to twenty-five years) and requires less maintenance than other brands of signage. Other benefits include cost efficiency and green alternative advantages, meaning photoluminescent technology is safe for people to use and be in close proximity, and it is safe for the environment.

The main reason to implement photoluminescent technology is that it is the best way to ensure people are able to escape and flee from danger. This truth should be paramount to any building owner seeking ways to maximize safety precautions within their building. The fact that regulatory committees are placing an overwhelming stamp of approval on photoluminescent technology should be reason enough for building owners, and any others who could benefit from this safety technology, to seriously consider transitioning to this product.

GloBrite Systems is a company quite familiar with photoluminescence, as they have been reporting on its advantages and making the product available longer than other companies offering safety provisions. Speak to a GloBrite professional to learn more about photoluminescent technology, and make your building or location as safe as possible for those who inhabit with frequency.


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