The Benefits of Emergency Lighting with Photoluminescent Products

exit signsOne of the first needs during an emergency where the situation calls for immediate evacuation from a building, structure, and / or facility is to have emergency lighting automatically switch on. In the past, due to inadequate egress products, the activation of emergency lighting had the propensity of faltering, which makes an already frenetic and dangerous scenario monumentally worse. Trying to evacuate a location without emergency lighting is extremely problematic and hazardous for a number of reasons, but none more frightening than it places evacuees in a much higher degree of danger. Thankfully, today, businesses and building owners can rely on much more advanced technology to supplement efficient and precise emergency lighting, which has been facilitated by the development of photoluminescent technology.

Photoluminescent products will guarantee the triggering of emergency lighting the second it is needed, as it has been thoroughly evaluated and tested in these types of situations, and never once has it faltered. If this were not the case, then the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) would not be making its use mandatory in all buildings and large structures, statewide. If people are evacuating a location, the emergency lighting in place is the most depended on element to ensuring everyone is able to reach a minimum safe distance. Photoluminescent products are not affected by events occurring in its location that could otherwise cause inferior products to malfunction. Rather, emergency lighting provided by photoluminescent products are created to withstand fires, heat, inclement weather, and even physical stress that would likely break or damage other emergency egress products. In addition, the materials that make up photoluminescent products are eco friendly, meaning they are safe for the environment, and for people to touch or be within close proximity.

If you have been religiously following the GloBrite Systems blog, then you have a profound understanding of how truly necessary photoluminescent technology is, especially as it pertains to egress markers and products. The safety of people, and taking them out of situations that threaten their lives is of the utmost importance during an emergency, so who would not want the absolute best emergency lighting and egress system in place, should this unfortunate scenario happen in your location? If you contact GloBrite System and speak to a professional, you will quickly realize how truly easy it is to transition to the ultimate safety technology available today. There is no substitute for photoluminescent products, and because of the myriad advantages of photoluminescence, there is no excuse or reason why you should not have this dominant safety technology in place in your location. The transition is simple, so make the switch, and place your occupants in optimum safety, while at the same time saving your business money.

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