Lighted Exit Signs Using Photoluminescent Technology

GlowinthedarkpigmentBased on the failures occurred during incidents that tested the structural and electrical integrity of buildings throughout the world over the last couple of decades, the word is out: lighted exit signs connected to a power outlet in order to function as intended cannot be trusted in these kinds of circumstances. There have been far too many instances where lighted exit signs connected to a power source failed when an incident befalls a building where the physical structure is affected, as is its utilities. The biggest, and probably most frightening example was during the September Eleventh on the World Trade Center Towers, where lighted exit signs failed soon after the planes collided with the buildings. Some people may know that the lighting failed, while others may be in the dark, but it definitely seems like many people do not realize the following occurred – photoluminescent lighting, which provides glow in the dark capabilities, illuminated all locations of the World Trade Center Buildings where it was installed. Furthermore, it is estimated that many more people could have perished while lost in the dark if it were not for photoluminescent egress markers having been installed throughout several areas in both towers. Fast forward well over a decade, and one can still find buildings and structures using lighted exit signs connected to a dedicated power source that is only as dependable as the electricity directed to those exit signs. This should be officially considered an archaic method of lighting exit signs.

Why should people consider wired lighted exit signs archaic? Because lighted exit signs using photoluminescent technology has already proven to be a far superior product in every single category that matters concerning operational abilities. The first real test happened almost fifteen years ago during one of the greatest catastrophes to ever occur on United States soil. Today, lighted exit signs using photoluminescent technology have only further evolved to become the best method of technology used to design emergency exit signs and other egress safety solutions. Put in plain words, no matter what happens to your building, lighted exit signs using photoluminescent technology will never fail, because the technology exist in a way that the opportunity to fail is never given. How so? Photoluminescent technology absorbs, stores, and emits energy taken from ambient light and energy, which is always present and available. The glow in the dark emanation has also proven to last for so many hours that several days would have to pass by in pitch black conditions before having to worry about photoluminescent exit signs exhausting its ambient energy resource. Moreover, exit signs infused with photoluminescent technology do not require maintenance like wired exit signs do, and they have always proven more durable, more reliable, and longer lasting than any other exit sign product that was designed with alternative technologies.

GloBrite Systems recognized the supreme advantages that come from exit signs developed with photoluminescent technology, which is why the company was one of the first anywhere to not only laud, but offer photoluminescent products commercially to customers in the need of exit sign excellence.

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