Inventions that Changed the World – What’s Next?

GreenInventionsBelieve it or not, many of the most recent successful inventors found their inventions by accident, or invented something, but took a long time trying to find a practical application for the invention. For those inventors who did find success, you will find common traits and characteristics that helped them achieve greatness. One of which is being relentless in your pursuit to create something that you truly believe will have an unbelievable impact on society. Being steadfast in your pursuit is the only way to persevere through the numerous frustrations and obstacles what will no doubt rear its ugly head. One has to prepare himself or herself for continuous and laborious hard work, where initially perceived dead ends are the norm, but these are irrelevant significances that merely serve as temporary speed bumps on your way to greatness.

Famous inventors such as Constantine Fahlberg (Saccharin), Richard Jones (the Slinky), John Hopps (the Pacemaker) James Wright (Silly Putty), Perry Spencer (the Microwave Oven), Spencer Silver and Art Fry (Post-it Notes), Sir Alexander Fleming (Penicillin) and Patsy Sherman (Scotchgard) all had several characteristics and work habits in common. All of them, at the time of discovery, were hard at word trying to find the right concoction of ideas, influences, and chemical compounds that would lead them to a new invention. However, all of these people accidentally came up with what they achieved as a new invention. Because of their dedication and hard work toward their respective craft, they all became famous inventing things that we depend on almost everyday. If you, the reader, is hard at work on what you hope will be a new invention that changes the way we do things in this world, for the better (we all hope), do not ever despair. If any of the mentioned names of people in this paragraph succumbed to despair, we may not have the wonderful little inventions they gave us at our disposal, of which some of these inventions, if not available, would make our lives much more difficult.

Though you may have come up with a magnificent idea that you are working tirelessly on, often times, frustration can ensue, and it might become discouraging because you are missing that one critical piece to distinguish your product from others. GloBrite Systems, manufacturers of photoluminescent products, may be able to add that unique aspect your product is craving – photoluminescence. We are experienced at custom manufacturing, converting and laminating, and at GloBrite, we believe that invention on a grand scale can always be reachable when supportive businesses like our own assist when it is necessary in order to foster originality and innovation. If you have a potential invention in the works, maybe photoluminescence can be that added feature you were looking for. Contact us today to get your ideas put into production.

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