How is Photoluminescent Technology Saving Businesses Money?

photoluminescent productsWhile photoluminescent technology has been available in safety products for a while now, advancements in photoluminescent product designs incorporate ways for businesses that implement photoluminescent technology to save money. With new modern luminosity advancements, which include increased luminance duration of photoluminescent emergency products, building owners who have not yet made the transition to this advanced technology should do so right away. With business overhead and utility costs skyrocketing the way they are over the last several years, the majority of business and building owners have been scratching to find ways to save money. Well, here is an easy way to save your building and business a lot of money, while at the same time installing what is deemed by all federal regulatory agencies as the best safety and egress technology available on the market today.

According to the most recent statistics from the United States Department of Energy, there are still over one hundred million electric exit signs operating across the country, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. The businesses, institutes of higher education, government facilities, hotels, and other public buildings that continue to use these electrical plug in emergency signs pay a combined cost of over one billion dollars a year in energy and maintenance fees. This is what Americans can call an utter waste of money; especially when there exists an easy change that can be made to a technology for emergency and egress products that presents a solution to the problem of burning through money for utility costs. By switching to emergency produced designed with photoluminescent technology, it is estimated that United States businesses will save thousands of kilowatts of electricity each year, which translates to an annual energy cost savings that exceeds the hundreds of millions of dollars mark.

As national safety trends move towards the inclusion of eco friendly, low cost, and low energy consumption emergency egress systems, such as photoluminescent products, United States businesses can save money on product installation, maintenance costs, and utility costs with photoluminescence. Photoluminescent technology will save your business money by:

  • Photoluminescent egress components are easy to install and require no additional electricity to operate, meaning your business will not incur the additional labor and electrical costs associated with the use of electric emergency signage.
  • Photoluminescent technology fuels its emergency products by absorbing and storing ambient fluorescent light, which requires no additional electricity to operate, unlike electrical emergency products.
  • Maintenance costs are lower when using egress signage infused with photoluminescent technology. There are no bulbs to replace with photoluminescent signage (unlike electric signage), and once installed, photoluminescent emergency signs can be maintained with ease for over twenty-five years. The improved reliability over electrical egress products also ensures against potential life safety hazards that could result from a lack of maintenance for electric signage.


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