Firefighters Improve Safety Using Photoluminescent Products

When firefighters are called to duty, they know right away they are about to enter a potential dangerous and life threatening situation. Therefore, it is imperative that before combating the upcoming danger, firefighters outfit and equip themselves with the best utilities, clothing, firefighting and life saving devices needed to successfully maneuver and navigate the location, discover individuals in peril, and to eliminate any potential threat (including extinguishing a fire). If a firefighter enters a complication situation considered extremely dangerous, their chances of accomplishing their duties are seriously mitigated if they arrive at the situation with secondary or ineffective products not considered the best for matter at hand. If this is the case, it could have dire consequences, including unsuccessful performance, delayed problem solving, compromising scenarios, and loss of life. If this is the case, and firefighters are using devices and utilities that are not the best for the matter at hand, it is unacceptable.

Firefighters can improve the safety for themselves and for others by using photoluminescent products that enhance their ability to function at their duties, when called into service. Photoluminescent products can be globriteFirefightergearadded to the clothing of firefighters, making them visible if they enter a location that is dark and visibility is seriously hindered. The photoluminescent clothing will glow in the dark, allowing other firefighters to spot their teammates, as well as allowing distressed individuals to locate firefighters there to help. Photoluminescent products can also be placed on their equipment, such as an axe used to break down doors, windows, and walls in case they need to get to a person in distress, as well as water hoses when carrying or moving them to certain places to extinguish flames. If somehow this equipment were to be dropped during a hectic ordeal, and the room is either dark or smoky, firefighters will be able to find them much easier as opposed to equipment without the infusion of photoluminescent materials. A firefighter is only as capable as the equipment he or she is carrying, so to lose any of the equipment during a life or death moment could prove catastrophic.

Firefighting departments that have not incorporated the use of photoluminescent materials for their clothing and equipment should try to find out more about its benefits. GloBrite Systems is a purveyor of Photoluminescent technology, and a representative would be happy to explain more about how equipping your department can improve your statistics and save lives. At least listen to all of the advantages of photoluminescent technology, because it has been proven that firefighters improve the safety of their own and others when using photoluminescent products. You should also feel free to discuss photoluminescent products with firefighter departments that already use the materials. GloBrite promises that those departments already using the technology will speak volumes to its benefits and uses, which will move you to want to infuse your department with these superior glow in the dark materials. Watch the video below to see photoluminescent products in action.



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